Friday, December 30, 2011

The world's worst photos?

Well. The second last day of the year and I have... very little to say. So I was trawling through my photos for inspiration and found - these. I have no idea why I took these photos and certainly no idea why I bothered to keep them. The one above - I can't even work out what it is. Are these feet to the left? I can see the reflection of an umbrella and - ah, that wheelie thing is a button, in close up. So the blue thing is my coat. Mmm.

This is clearer. Two pots of crocus and one of daffodils. But not exactly a great image. Possibly the most boring botanic photo I've ever seen.

Ok, getting more confident here. This is Cassie. The famous noseless cat.

And finally, this is our kitchen table. I think I can see half a rather toasted-looking sausage, a slightly burnt cake, some yellow pepper, some grated cheese... . Why did I take a photo of it????

New Year resolution: go through my photos and edit them. Starting with these ones.

I wonder if anyone can surpass these pictures for sheer awfulness? I'm throwing out this challenge... .


  1. I've seen worse. Mostly mine. Having just upgraded my iPhoto I have been trawling through my photos so as to name the people in the photos, and I must shamefacedly confess to having some pretty dreadful photos.
    However, sometimes there is a point to retaining bad photos, even if you cannot quite remember it right now.
    I am having problems remembering the names of those on my last trip - have to get out the list and put the names to the faces. And I cannot identify all of the babies in the prolific progeny of the fecund second generation.

  2. Oh yes, those photos can certainly be surpassed......

  3. I think I can certainly match your photos - although I delete so many. I shall submit my entry on my blog when I have found it!!!A Happy New Year Challenge!

  4. I find these all rather good photos. I could write you a long, boring explanation of why each one is quite striking and memorable, but I think this would be a bit beside the point. The point is that you clearly have a good intuitive aesthetic sense, alongside all the more humane and content-focused criteria by which you usually judge photos. This too is life enhancing, so don't knock it. Warmest new year wishes to you and all your family.

  5. Yes I rather like them too. Sometimes supposedly bad or failed photos are really much more interesting than boringly successful ones! There used to be a Flickr group called 'the aesthetics of failure' but my failed photos were never successfully failed enough to be accepted.

    I first thought the yellow peppers were very artificially coloured oven chips. Very glad they aren't.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  6. I actually really like the one with the coat button and the umbrella reflection

  7. I take these all of the time, usually in error. I don't know how I do it, but I take many pictures of the ground and tables as I am setting up to take the "shot" or putting my camera away as I feel for the button to turn the camera off. One would think that I would just look for the button and be more efficient. Alas such is not to be.