Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The thirteenth gift and a present from the cats

Today, the featured variety act in the penguin drama is a completely irrelevant knitted elfy thing, which, no, I didn't knit. (He has a body. He was just lying down so as to get his face into the photo and add a splash of colour to the chilly Antarctic scene.)

And the giftie was chocolate Christmas tree decorations. We can hardly eat them just now, can we? We haven't even got the tree yet, let alone decorated it. So they're spared for a while.

This is one of the Christmas cards I'm sending out. (Consider it sent to you, all kind Bloggy readers.)

When I looked at the back I was mildly surprised to see that the picture is called "Westward Leading". I recognise the quote from "We three kings of orient are" but if I'd been drawing them, I'd have made them face to the left because on the compass, west is left. Yes, yes, I can see that the painter is actually imagining herself standing on the ... pause for thought... north side of them. But it seems a bit counterintuitive to me.

(My brother can leave me a comment about the physics of this. If I get muddled about which way penguins are facing then I may have got this wrong too.)

Earlier today, I was approaching the glass door that leads into the living room and saw through it a mysterious something on the carpet, while the cats sat on the sofa looking innocent. They occasionally - very rarely but it has been known - bring in a bird or a mouse. And I am a very squeamish person. I don't do dead things. That's Mr Life's job. So I thought, "Oh no! It's a dead bird!". Then I looked gingerly at it and thought, "No, it's not a bird. It's a dead frog! Urgh!"

But it wasn't. The cats continued looking innocent. I forgave them.


  1. Nothing does the innocent "who - me?" as well a cat. Perhaps the wise men are still proceeding?

  2. Interesting how the first thing you think of is that it is something dead on your carpet...

    and I agree with you about the eastward facing kings being a little confused.

  3. Watch out, I am sure cats eat penquins!( which ever way they are facing. )

  4. Our cats would run and hide if they met a penguin. But I don't think this is very likely - though in fact our house is only about a mile from the Zoo, where there are lots of penguins. (And, now, pandas!)

  5. I don't make statements on direction until I have carefully considered the merits of Never Eating Shredded Wheat and waved my arms around while muttering things like, 'If the Sun is on the right then that way must be......' whereas my daughter always knows which compass point she is facing at any given moment. How do people do that? However, after the requisite careful consideration I am convinced that you are absolutely correct to question the Westwardness of the Kings!
    Unexpected items on the carpet and innocence on the cats' faces is always, always cause for squeamishness! If it isn't something dead it's equally likely to be a furball - definitely Mr Life's department!

  6. I agree with you Isabelle -- those three guys (!) are definitely eastward leading. And naughty kitties. I put some chicken (very nicely packaged) on the counter to thaw out and found it on the floor with teeth marks in it. Someone(s) were looking for a little snack!

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