Saturday, December 17, 2011

Santa Sirius

Cat among the penguins...

Chocolate among the Anne Tylers. (Thank you, Daughter 2.)

Sirius is decorated.

So is the house. I don't feel very festive, however.

The pandas in Edinburgh Zoo are more important news than a security alert.

They seem a bit camera shy. Wisely.

How is your piano playing plan going, Isabelle, you ask? Well, this is the stage I'm at. Yes, yes, I know it looks very easy. All right, it is very easy. But I'm still not terribly good at it. Sometimes I can play it and sometimes - just as I'm thinking, "Well, this is going quite well, if I do say so myself" - I play a wrong note.

However, I have now contacted a piano teacher and am going along to discuss the possibility of my taking lessons with her. I assume she wishes to assess the level of my incompetence. Scary biscuits, as we used to say when I was little. (Why?)

(I can't remember who asked, but in a spirit of pure scientific enquiry I bought a Cadbury's fudge bar the other day and ascertained that there was no gluten in it.)


  1. See. You've found another occupation for The Retired! Scientific research. The country [Scotland] and the Blogosphere will be in your debt!

  2. Sirius doesn't look impressed! What will your next research project be?

  3. Thank you so much for aiding me in my research into gluten-free food!!!

  4. Love Sirius in a Santa Hat. My kids quite often don the Santa hats at the moment and it is very cheerful.

    I hope you find a nice piano teacher who doesn't scare your biscuits.

  5. Very happy Christmas to you and yours. It will be such a special one this year, won't it?