Sunday, December 04, 2011

December 4

I seem to be blogging every day in December too, partly because I've got into the habit and partly because there's a new Advent giftie from Daughter 2 to open every day. Keyrings today. I'll leave you to guess how gender-specifically we divided them between us.

Up sprang the fourth penguin.

Yesterday, for the first time (I think) since Daughter 2's wedding, we had all three offspring here together. Well, actually all four, as you can see. I apologise for including so many pictures of them, probably of minor interest to the world (but then the world is possibly not all that interested in cats, penguins and the difference between a giraffe and a gorilla, either.)

A sofa full of loved ones.

A different sofa. Grandson and Son have a chat.

Sorry, Mr Life. This photo gives the impression that you're a bit simple, but it's just that you've got a saying-"Ah!"-to-a-baby expression on your face. Grandson is good at smiling for the camera.

And for his Great-Granny. There's an 89 years, 2 months and 8 days age difference between them but their communication is fine so far.

It was lovely to have them home. The trouble is that it's so unlovely once they've gone away again.


  1. pssssst..... someone warn those penguins.... I think there's a giraffe lurking behind the white vase!


  2. There's something delightfully post-modern and layered about the idea of an advent calendar (the penguins) within an advent calendar like that, so each penguin of the first present means you open another present... boxes within boxes, as it were.

    Your children are so very fine.

  3. Delightful photos - no wonder you take such pleasure in them all!
    I very much enjoy advent calendars, good fun.

  4. I know those feelings well. Enjoy the time. I loved the photos.

  5. What a lucky lady you are to have your family all together and such a beautiful grandson, to h^^l with the decorating, your place is already decorated with the ones you love.

  6. Wonderful family photos.
    What a happy wee chap... (the baby ).