Friday, December 16, 2011


Grandson visited today. He can look coy...

... or not. (He's learnt to stick out his tongue.)

Today's gift. Can you guess?

One more penguin, this time with a teeny vase just to add interest to the picture. (Or a huge vase, from the penguins' point of view.)Yes, you're right: the animals are... I don't think I should say. Yes, I will. I'll really concentrate. A giraffe and a lion. The lion shall lie down with the giraffe as appropriate for the season.

You could almost believe that this was an African landscape with that intense sun just sinking beneath the horizon. They're at an oasis, drinking at the pool: the rhino, the giraffe, the... gorilla, the hippo, the lion and the ... bear.

(No, Thimbleanna, we haven't been to the zoo to see the pandas yet. But yes, it's open and the pandas are reported in "The Scotsman" to be settling in nicely.)

Tomorrow we fetch the Christmas tree from the Highland forest (Asda carpark) and Mr Life is going to put it up with a merry laugh, lights and all. Aren't you, dear? And then I shall start festooning the house with sparkly things.


  1. Ah Isabelle---you are a festooner? I need you to come right over and do some festooning for me. I actually have our Christmas tree up---in a daring break from our usual eleventh hour hunt----but no festooning has been done yet and I am yearning for lights and sparkley things.....

  2. i guess being a festooner is better than being a paltrooner, innit?!?

  3. Oooh, the fun starts tomorrow! Not that this first bit hasn't been fun, but you know! That advent calendar has been REALLY fun -- especially the naming of the species. I'm sure they must be correct today, although, I can't distinguish that lion very well.

    And the baby is just adorable. I sure wish I could see him!