Saturday, December 03, 2011

Third day of Advent

Not sure if this will squeak into December 3 - might have just made it by midnight. It's been a busy, but lovely day. This mysterious set of shapes turned into...

... a hippo and a gorilla, well-known in manger scenes everywhere... .

(I originally typed "giraffe" instead of "gorilla". Silly me. As if you'd find a giraffe in a manger scene... . Sorry. I was rushing to get the post done before midnight.)

Cassie inspected them.

The third penguin popped up.

And now it's bedtime.


  1. Yeah, we have hippos and giraffes in manger scenes here. And don't forget the lions!

    P.S. It's still the 3rd here for another hour.

  2. Love the penguins, I accidentally made a hippo last week, started an elephant, skipped a page and ended up making a hippo instead of an elephant, strange, so perhaps hippos are making a push to be included for Christmas.

  3. I don't see a giraffe.... you meant a hippo and a gorilla, no? 8-)

    Eggnog and crafts! Wheee! Heh heh!

  4. I see an ape of sorts too, no giraffe! Unless he had a neck reduction, of course. I am really enjoying your Advent calendar!

  5. Yes, yes, silly me, I meant a gorilla.