Thursday, December 08, 2011

What you do on a windy day instead of going outside

Today has been very windy. The cats have had a sofa day.

There's still just one dissident penguin.

No sofa day for me, though. I made the Christmas cakes. It's the sort of thing that we retired people can do mid-week.

Mix, mix, I went. British Christmas cakes are made with lots of fruit, like traditional British wedding cakes. I wonder if this is true in other countries too.

And there they are.

Now for the cards. Then I might have to think about presents. Ho ho ho.

(Veg artist - yes, we did throw away the wrappers and the bin men came at 8 this morning - sorry! I do wish you had a blog so that I could read about your cat/chores/weather etc. An idea for 2012??

Christine Thresh - I wonder why you think we keep our houses cold in Britain. Maybe we do, though I don't think so. Our (hall) thermostat is set at 24C but then we sometimes have extra heat in the room we're in at the time. The room my mother's in is usually about 40C, or so it feels. Global warming, here we come.)


  1. No. No blog for me. I consider my own life to be so boring that no one would be interested!
    My beloved elderly cat died last year, and despite encouragement from Rachel, I have been unable to face another.
    My husband works away most of the week, and I hardly see anyone because if I talk it generates pain in my jaw, headaches and dizzy spells that last for days on end. I'm wary of driving anywhere in case I'm not well enough to drive home.
    I grow veg in the summer, and make art, particularly sculpture, hence "the veg artist".
    And weather - wet West Wales - the bit that sticks out at the bottom left!

  2. Oh dear. That doesn't sound much fun. Though in fact, your life sounds far more interesting than mine - sculpture! I do sympathise about your cat. I can't even contemplate ours dying - even though they're a nuisance...

  3. You are so ahead of me. I just told my husband that I don't think I will even send out Christmas cards this year.

    Your cakes look wonderful.

  4. You could use those carabiners to keep you and Mr life attached to each other in the wind I have been hearing about. How thoughtful of daughter.

    I hope that rogue penguin finds what he is looking ofor.

  5. Hope you are all ok? Scotland is in the news daily in Oz, due to the dreadful weather you are having.

  6. Christmas Cakes! I've always wanted to try a traditional Christmas Cake -- although, do you soak yours with some sort of alcohol? I'm not a big fan of the alcohol taste in my food -- especially in my treats. But they always look so delicious when I see them on blogs!

  7. That's 75.2 degrees F. That is higher than I set my heater.
    I have read that travelers from the USA find UK houses and rooms too cold. I guess I am wrong. I set my thermostat to 72 degrees F.

  8. I had a couch day myself yesterday-stitching, reading, blog perusing--very lazy and cat-like, but I was due! The guilt hgowever is there in the back of my head---baking to be done, cards written, presents organized. Not the most appropriate day for lazing on the couch! Your cakes---I could almost smell them! My mother made hers in early November then let them age! Do you put a layer of marzipan on before the royal icing? That was my favourite part!

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