Friday, January 11, 2013

Animals and children

These are the cats in their doughnut-shaped beds: nice and cosy in front of the radiator.
Spot the difference.
And the second difference. Poor old cats.
Luckily, Mr Life had ordered some software from Amazon so they had a refuge in the box it came in. Not quite so comfy but - any port in a storm.
He doesn't just pretend to be a cat. He also switches on lights. Here he is, admiring the light he's just put on through that door in the bathroom.
And - off again.
Look - there's a cat in the sink, having a peaceful drink from the tap. Well, it was peaceful until a moment ago.
Yesterday we went to visit Son. He was very hungry but paused for a second to pose helpfully for my blog.
Grandson gave me a sidelong look and continued eating grapes. At home, presumably, Cassie and Sirius enjoyed having the place to themselves.


  1. I love how the cats do things together.

  2. Ah bless..lovely cats and gorgeous little boy!

  3. Chuckle, chuckle! I'm sure the cats are expert at diving for cover by now!

  4. I love the sidelong look.

  5. Of course he wants to be a cat, we all want to be cats.

  6. That drinking from the tap thing is odd isn't it...both of mine do it too. Your menfolk, young and old, are very accommodating for your blog Isabelle aren't they?

  7. golly he is the image of his grandfather!! and getting so big...

  8. Maybe N is going to be an electrician?
    Great photos today - I presume the cold is better as the wee man is looking perky( the other 2 are looking good too - shouldn't play favourites )
    Love the cats in boxes, they look like great big old fashioned bookends.

  9. Poor cats - but if they love Amazon boxes as much as mine do they will be fine!

    It`s good to see Grandson looking so much better and getting back to finding out about the world.

  10. You always make me laugh. Do you suppose the catlets sit around thinking "Don't they have someplace else they could take that child?" ????