Thursday, January 31, 2013


It's hard to let a couple of days go past without engineering a visit to Grandson, so today I went with Daughter 1 and him to the museum. The weather was cold and rainy and it's nice to let him toddle around in the warm and dry.

Downstairs there was a photoshoot going on. A chap and a girl were sitting in the middle of the space at a table with a laden cake-stand, and they were posing with cakes in front of their mouths while lots of photographers busied themselves around them, gazing at them through cameras from different angles.

Some members of the public had gathered round and were watching the proceedings - though there was very little to see apart from the two of them sitting stock still as if about to bite into their cakes. Some of the onlookers were taking pictures of the scene also.

We wondered as we passed what the whole thing was about. Then I wondered why the passersby were taking photos of this unusual, but not exactly exciting event. I metaphorically shook my head over our voyeuristic society. But possibly, I thought, they need something to write about in their blogs.

So I took a couple of photos to put on my blog and here they are.

Grandson did wander over and inspect the cake-stand with interest, but fortunately his attention became diverted by these round radiators.


  1. I love the photos of shortie wandering around in such big spaces! Can't wait to see you all. xxx

  2. Interesting radiators....and just the right height for a small boy to investigate!

  3. Haha - now you're part of the blog paparazzi! Too bad they weren't serving the cake!

  4. Grandson and his stripey top blends in so well with all the lines and stripes in those huge spaces.

    I wonder if the photo shoot was an "installation", designed to elicit some sort of response from passers by?