Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Busy boy

It's getting increasingly difficult...

 ... to get a decent photo of the boy...

... at least with my phone camera, which has a delay.

He does pose, but only briefly.

 He's very interested in vehicles, like his Grandpa and Doctor Uncle - also his Worcester Computer-Chap Uncle.

He looks very grown-up in his jeans and sort-of-rugby shirt.

But sometimes he needs a short rest and a cuddle.

We haven't seen him today, but maybe tomorrow.

I've been tutoring the son of an acquaintance. I didn't see him from when he was about four until we started the lessons recently. That seems a few brief years ago but he's now seventeen and about six feet four. Don't grow up too quickly, little Grandson! The short and squashy stage is so delicious.


  1. He does look grown up in his new jeans! I love these photos. They remind me of my two when they were playing with their Postman Pat van on the carpet. Now they are aged 26 and 28! Make the most of him!

  2. It is a dear and wonderful stage of life and it does go by too quickly. My husband used to wonder if perhaps we could just put bricks on their heads to slow it down.

  3. He looks so much older in that outfit! He is growing fast-they all do, I am finding out. Glad you are nearby to enjoy your grandson!

  4. Grandson looks to be a sweet tempered young boy! If only you could "freeze" him in time before any unsweet outside influences reach him.