Saturday, January 12, 2013


I loved Mac 'n Janet's comment on my last post: Of course he wants to be a cat. We all want to be cats. Very true. Particularly tonight. I'd quite like to be doing this (above). No, it's not a two-headed feline, but two felines at their ease.
Am I at my ease? Yes, temporarily, but I have wet feet. Why? Well, for some weeks the pipework under our kitchen sink has been dripping very slightly so we summoned a plumber, who came on Thursday and replaced it.
This evening I've been preparing lunch for Daughter 1, Son-in-Law 1 and Grandson tomorrow. When I finished, I did the washing up by hand because the dishwasher was full. After a bit I decided I needed fresh water so I tipped the basinful of mucky water into the sink in preparation for refilling the basin. 
And all the water flowed out of the cupboard beneath the sink and over all the stuff in the cupboard, my feet and the floor. The whole U-bend thingie had come detached from the sink.
Did we think that phoning the plumber at 10.30 pm on a Saturday would do us much good? No.
While we were mopping up, Daughter 2 phoned to say that Grandson had developed a leaky and smelly ear. She had a phone consultation with her doctor brother, who advised taking him to the emergency doctor in the morning. Grandson is now peacefully sleeping but one can't go around with smelly ears in polite company.
Ah well. I suppose it's all part of life's rich pageant, as I believe Arthur Marshall first wrote - though I can't find confirmation of this on Google. I wonder how many people remember him now.


  1. Oh dear.....a grandson's leaky ear is not good.....but somehow I suspect that a leaky sink could be worse. It's probably easier to get medical attention than a plumber, and cheaper too.

  2. Oh, there's another Arthur Marshall. I cannot imagine the Australian Arthur Marshall (footballer and conservative politican) ever saying anything so lyrical.

  3. Ah! So it's been a disastrous day for you too? Hope the leaky ear is fixed up soon!

  4. Haven't thought about Arthur Marshall for years! We've had a plumbing related incident week so you have my sympathy - at least our problems appear to be solved at the moment. Just waiting for snow now and hoping we don't have any frozen pipes!

  5. Arthur WHO?


    No, seriously. Never heard of him. Still wanted to yank your chain a bit, just for giggles.

  6. Poor little mite. Earache is horrible. No wonder he's been feeling poorly.

  7. Get well soon little N, we don't want you with hearing loss later on .
    It is surprising how often someone like a plumber seems to make a small problem worse instead of better.
    Don't pay him twice!

  8. Lots of things going on-leaky ears and pipes and all! I'm glad to hear grandson is better, and hoping the U pipe thing is too! :)

  9. That sounds disastrous -- the U-tube on your sink falling off in the middle of the night and you couldn't call anyone to fix it because, well, it's the middle of the night. And now, you are mopping the floor when you're supposed to be relaxing the way your cats are. I wonder what's the cause of it though since you said that the plumber just came to fix it just a week ago.
    Darryl Iorio

  10. How's your sink and how's your grandson's ear? Regarding the sink, it would have been nice if you called a plumbing company that offers 24/7 services, wouldn't it? Mine does. I remember when we had the same problem with our sink, and the dripping and the wet floor just went on my last nerve. I immediately contacted our plumber, and fortunately, he successfully fixed it. I hope yours got fixed properly and won't cause any trouble in the middle of the night any longer.

    Althea Tumlin