Sunday, January 27, 2013


Yesterday we visited friends in Glasgow. Here we are driving past Kirk O' Shotts, which stands apparently isolated in the middle of a large graveyard. However, Mr Life asssures me that there are some houses on the other side of the hill.

We went with our friends to the Kelvingrove Museum.

It looks like this inside.

And this. The balloon-like blobs are actually disembodied (plastic?) heads hanging from the ceiling: a bit spooky, especially as the faces are manically smiling.

Dave wanted to look at the swords and things, which are displayed on these wire figures showing how they were used.

I preferred these paintings, which are by one of the Scottish Colourists. Are they by Peploe? Can't remember. I really like them and would be very happy to have them on my walls: those realistically bendy tulips and the slightly cubist roses with a cup of tea and a notebook: all you really need for a peaceful afternoon at home.

And this striking chap is Robert Bontine Cunninghame Graham, a politician and adventurer who was the first President of the Scottish National Party. He had good hair, didn't he? The sculpture is by Epstein.

And this, today, is Grandson asking me to give him my phone. Not a good idea. He loves pressing buttons and given the chance will send (blank) text messages to my contacts.


  1. Sophie1:38 am

    I always enjoy reading your posts. I blinked when I read Kelvingrove as we live in an area of Palmerston North NZ called Kelvin Grove. I wonder if there is a link to Scotland.
    One of your lurking followers

  2. That's an interesting museum, was it purpose-built or did the building have a previous life?

  3. What a lot of museums you have all around you.
    I hope you manage to resist appeals for the phone to be a toy!

  4. Has he rung 999 yet? On a visit chez my sister-in-law when Jo was very small I heard her answer the phone and assure the caller with great vehemence that no, she hadn't just tried to ring the police, yes, indeed everything was ablsolutely fine in her house and no, no-one was co-ercing her to say this at all.... I'd love to see the Kelvingrove. Visits to Glasgow have hitherto only entailed Sucky, Bucky etc and two glorious visits to the Burrell Collection.

  5. Another wonderful museum! That's the problem for me in your gorgeous area -- way too much to see on short vacations. And small grandson is too cute -- I'll bet he keeps you hopping!

  6. MUST visit Scotland - have you got someone for your April weekend as was pondering this instead of Paris?? Cheaper and the difference could go towards a trip to Malaysia next year....

    Grandson looked VERY keen on the phone!! Clearly a young man with ideas of his own. Still adorable though.

    Lesley xx

  7. I loved the floating heads when I visited Kelvingrove. What a beautiful museum.