Monday, January 28, 2013


We were going to walk along to the Dean Gallery this afternoon but the weather, having been fine all morning, turned wet and windy after lunch. So we drove.

Here it is. It's now called Modern 2, which I myself think a more boring name than Dean Gallery.

We saw the Peploe exhibition - he was one of the Scottish Colourists (and I'm fairly sure was the painter of the pictures in my photo in the Kelvingrove). I should very much like to have this painting in my sitting room. It would match nicely. (I know that artists don't paint pictures to look pretty in sitting rooms - sorry Peploe - but this would bring out the crimson in my bits of glass.) I like the jug, the fruit, the colours, the angular shapes - you wouldn't expect roses and apples to look good painted in that cubist-ish way but they do. As I've said before, I like still lifes as long as they don't feature deceased furry things. And are pretty. It's possible that my artistic sensibilities aren't very subtle.

He also painted round things round - look at the curve on that vase.

Then, since the rain had stopped, we went for a minor walk by the Water of Leith.

I will not lie to you: Bondi Beach it wasn't. But it was better than working.

It is just me, or do you find it strange (and horrible) thinking of conflict in Timbuctu? I have to admit that I didn't know it was in Mali. I did know it was in Africa, though I always feel it ought to be in one of those distant countries ending in -stan: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan... all of which I'm ashamed to say I'd take a while to find on a map. Timbuctu is one of those places that has a separate existence in the imagination: mysterious, bright, scented.

Like Marrakech. Then there's St Paul, Minnesota, where one might bump into an Norwegian bachelor farmer on a trip to the city.

Scotland has some odd place names, such as Auchinshoogle, Drumnadrochit, Auchenblae, Clackmannan, Gowkthrapple. But I can't imagine anyone dreaming of an exotic stroll through the markets of Drumnadrochit. Edinburgh has Morningside, Juniper Green, Comely Bank, Silverknowes (which all sound lovely - and are reasonably pleasant, but not nearly as sylvan (these days anyway) as they sound).

Now for some piano practice. Goodness me, the lesson days come round quickly.


  1. For some reason I have always liked the sound of Crianlarich and was excited when we once drove by it. I wanted to actually see the place, but was dismissively told it was nothing but a sad railway junction as we whizzed by on the highway.

  2. Isabelle, I imagine every country has interesting place names in the local tongue.....we have a few here! A local one is Goonoo Goonoo, pronounced as gunny gunnoo.

  3. Anonymous4:15 am

    Ach, silly woman. The only place you'd find a Norwegian bachelor farmer from the county in St. Paul would be at the Mall of America, which is actually in Bloomington, MN, just a wee bit south of here. :)

  4. Anonymous4:16 am

    ...from the COUNTRY, not county ... tis late here ...

  5. Nice to see Scottish colourists featuring. I like their style too!

  6. ps. I am also relearning to play the piano ( after a gap of more than 50 years) I chose to go at my own pace though rather than have the pressure of lessons. I can do 2 hands together now, but only one note for each hand...if you see what I mean? Early days, but I enjoy it.

  7. You always make me laugh Isabelle!

    Firstly, ANYTHING is better than working, and secondly, it may surprise you to know that I would take that soggy walk you and Mr. Life had to Bondi Beach any day. Any. Day.

    And right behind Soggy Walk and well before Bondi Beach would happily sit St. Paul. It's a beautiful little city!

  8. if places have funny names, wait till you hear of people's name. names sound and mean different in other places that it makes them amusing.