Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sic transit gloria mundi

This is, or was, Arthur Marshall. He lived from 1910-1988 and though 1988 doesn't seem very long ago to me, I suppose that it is really. I never did read his articles because I didn't buy the magazines he wrote for, but he was on "Call My Bluff" for some years and we watched that as a family.
He was quite a jolly chap - a giggler and rather avuncular - but I hadn't thought about him for years till I found myself using the "life's rich pageant" phrase. I remember him saying that it tended to get changed to "life's rich pattern" and he didn't think that was as good, or at any rate not the same.
I don't suppose anyone under forty has ever heard of him.
It's so odd, this living and dying thing. You're there and then you're not.
I watched a bit of a programme about the universe yesterday - with Professor Brian Cox, whom I quite like but someone in the family (is it Daughter 2?) finds smug. I think I'm ok with smugness as long as the smugger has something to be smug about, which he clearly has. Anyway, someone asked him what happened before the Big Bang and he said, well, either there was something or there was nothing - no one knows.
There are more things in heaven and earth .... etc.
The other thing I remember from this programme (I was making millionaire's shortbread at the time and not really concentrating on astrophysics) was that they showed us an infra-red telescope that was so powerful that it could pick out a bumblebee on the Moon. Not that there was one. But if there had been, it could have.
And now Cassie Cat has come and sat on my keyboard so I shall stop typing and go to do some piano practice. Deep thinking can wait till tomorrow. And even then we may concentrate our energies on getting the plumber back. Washing the dishes in the bathroom is becoming less fun by the minute.
PS Grandson is on antibiotics but is as cheerful as ever.


  1. At least your leak/flood was water---eminently more easily clean-uppable than oil! I can see how the novelty of doing the dishes in the bathroom could become old really fast! Fingers crossed for a speedy return to normalcy......

  2. Are they the banana antibiotics? That's what my boys call the bright yellow potion they seem worryingly fond of in times of sickness and asthma attack! I'm accepting that in times of chidren's illness and even health that's about as colourful a metaphor as my intellect can comprehend. Mysteries of the universe? I'm the one on the rug with the little wooden ark set! Bon courage with the plumbing. Another mystery of the universe.

  3. Yes, they are the banana antibiotics. My husband asked the doctor this because apparently he has fond memories of taking them as a small boy. Personally, I think they smell revolting, but the little chap seems to agree with his father that they taste nice.

    - Daughter 1

  4. You are die. Quite a notion really, and one that I try to avoid thinking about too often. I remember Call my bluff.....enjoyed it very much.

  5. I remember watching Call My Bluff with my dad and brother. It was broadcast on the night my mother used to go to bingo. It definitely wasn't her kind of programme. And Brian Cox definitely isn't my kind of physicist. Can't stand that permanent grin.

  6. Boy, that was a full post! I'm over 40 but have never heard of the man in the picture. Sorry about your flood, I hope it has been taken care of by now. And millionaire's shortbread! Yum Yum!!!

  7. Glad your grandson is better.
    We only live on in the memories of others, the more people we touch the longer the memory will linger.

  8. I do remember Arthur Marshall on Call my Bluff, but I must confess I haven`t though about him in years.
    One day, years into the future, people might be racking their brains to remember who Brian Cox was.....

    Good to know that little Grandson has some banana medicine to fight the ear infection, and that he likes the taste!

  9. I remember Arthur Marshall, but find he is beginning to be conflated in my memory with Peter Jones...

    I had strawberry penicillin myself, and liked it until it got so strong I hated it, then had my tonsils out.

    I think Brian Cox fancies himself rather, but then apparently so do quite a lot of other people. How do you know there isn't a bumble bee on the moon?