Sunday, January 06, 2013

Blooming Blogger

Well, thank you, kind commenters, for your suggestions re my sudden inability to post pictures. I got Technological Daughter 1 to do what ShiftClick suggested but alas, it made no difference (though we didn't do the changing to Firefox bit because she had to go home. I might get Techological Husband to have a go at that).

Blogger told me some months ago that I'd run out of photo space (though it subsequently changed its mind) but it's not telling me anything this time.

So I suppose I'll continue the wait-and-see policy. Or possibly get Technological Son-in-Law 1 to have a go.

It is annoying when Blogger won't work, though since it's free I suppose one shouldn't expect anything too efficient.

Poor little Grandson is still pretty unwell: croaky, requiring frequent nose-wipes and a bit emotionally fragile, though in between times still jolly. He's had this terrible cold for ten days now. What a shame.

I was listening to Radio 4's Book of the Week last week, on and off. It was about this girl who decided to hike the Pacific Trail (was that it?) after her mother died and her marriage broke up. She was very inadequately prepared but, predictably for an experience that turned into a book, after many travails her feet toughened up and she walked herself happy. So that was all nice. Then she ended by saying that things became even nicer because she later met a good man and they married and had two children, a boy called Carver and a girl called Bobby. (Or possibly Bobbie or Bobbi. It was radio.)

And I, who had been feeling quite warm towards her up to that point, thought - Carver???? Why would you call your child Carver? (Not a huge fan of Bobb-whatever either, but at least she wasn't called after a knife or chair.)

Mr Life once had a colleague whose first name was Turnbull. Can you imagine anyone looking at a sweet little person with fuzzy hair and big puzzled eyes and saying, "We've decided that he looks like a Turnbull." Or indeed a Carver.

Well well. It is, as my granny used to say, a funny wee world.


PS Aha. Have just found this on a Blogger help page -  might try it but must go and practise piano at the moment:

Katney - Blogger Top ContributorTop Contributor
22:09 (1 hour ago)

Are you using Internet Explorer? The problem of the missing browse button arose in IE in the last couple of days. There have very few reports of something similar happening in other browsers. It happens in Compose, but the uploader in the html tab of the editor will work. You can upload using html, then switch to Compose to work with the pictures.
As it is not as likely to affect Firefox or Chrome, using one of those browsers is another option.
The problem has been reported and is now listed in the Known Issues. We hope for a quick fix.


  1. I haven't been able to put up photos of Rver Cottage, and thought it was cyber-retribution for having nicked them wholeheartedly from Google. I have no technological encouragement to give, but am totally with you on the names. Although the registrar on duty when we went to make Mattman offical gave us a ten minute tirade against modern names in praise of our traditional choice, and made us wish we were football fans after all.

  2. I have been having some issues with blogger, too. It won't let me separate paragraphs or anything. All my words continue to run together. Hrumph!

  3. i've had trouble with posting pix on blogger also. I've been going what was suggested as the end of your blog; takes twice as long to do anything grrrrrr. Sorry about grandson's illness, my little grand was sick at christmas and just started being her normal self friday.

  4. Carver just reminds me of Carver Doone from Lorna Doone. But perhaps it is a family name?

    Poor little N. I hope he is much better soon. He really has a good disposition, it seems, to cope with this as well as it sounds as if he is. But I know it's no fun for you all.

    Hope your picture woes resolve soon. Wordpress loses many of my pics, and puts them in weird places, even half on top of other pictures, and doesn't show what it's really doing until published.But as you so truly point out, these services are free.

  5. Let's hope the fix is indeed quick! Carver? What's the bet he'll have the job of doing the goose at Christmas?

  6. Oh, Lorna Doone. Well, maybe there's an excuse. I have to admit I've never read it. (Shame.)

  7. I now imagine a family of children christened Carver, Rocker, Wheelback and Bentwood... I tried to read Lorna Doone about a hundred years ago but found it completely impenetrable.

    Much as I hate to endorse Google's push towards world domination, Chrome is enormously faster, safer and more useful that IE; once we installed it we never looked back, even Tom, who is quite recalcitrant about picking up new computer stuff, took to it really quickly, and if it solves the photo problem so much the better.

    Hope poorly grandson gets well soon. Happy New Year!

  8. Rats - I'm usually useless at this stuff so didn't sugest switching from Compose to HTML which I have had success with in the past. Sorree!

    Lesley x

  9. I ran out of space, so I upload the photos I want to use to Flickr (free with BT) and then I switch the new post to html, and click on the flickr photo "share", copy the html, and past it to the blog post, and then shift them around. They come up much larger too. It sounds complicated, but after doing it a couple of times, it is really simple.

  10. Aha! It is Blogger's fault all along! Although I see they do suggest trying Firefox ...

    Glad I was able to give you some ideas...