Thursday, November 14, 2013

Autumn leaves

 It is so much easier...

to take photos of a sitting baby...

... than it is to get...

... the perpetual motion machine that is Grandson...

... to stay still long enough...

... for me to get a decent photo of him.

But what can you do?

As you'll see, it's autumn here. On the drive from his house to ours today, he chatted away as usual about the cars, buses and lorries and - his favourites -  the traffic lights: "Red light! Stop! Green light! Go go go!" We passed through the Meadows - an area of parkland with grass and trees - and, ever the teacher, I embarked on a little nature talk. "Look at the leaves," I said. "They used to be green, didn't they? Now they're turning yellow and red and falling off the trees."

There was a pause while he processed this. Then he said, "Traffic lights fall off too?"

There is a certain logic to this, I suppose.


  1. when she was little, i used to drill Auntia on what the traffic lights meant - till she told me that yellow lights are for "go FAST!" ... don't know where she learned THAT little bit of information - couldn't have been from ME!!!

  2. Such interesting conversations you and he have. It really is true that children teach you to see things in a fresh way. Red leaves, red lights. We're too jaded to consider that maybe the redness predisposes traffic lights to fall down since when leaves turn red they fall down. You'd want to be up early in the morning and taking your vitamins regularly to keep up with Grandson.

  3. Not to mention when GD is up and running and in a completely different direction to her brother....

  4. Can't argue with small boy logic, can you?

  5. Make the most of the sitting, smiling baby....she'll be up and off in no time and, as Gillie says, in the opposite direction.

  6. That's just delightful, the development of language and logic a miracle every time :-)

  7. Anonymous5:13 pm

    My oldest was three when we moved to this home - and we had blueberry bushes. We spent all summer telling him to wait to eat them until they were very blue. That autumn, I said something similar to my son about the lovely yellow and red and brown leaves and how soon they would fall off the trees. His response was, "When they turn blue, can we eat them?" One of my favorite memories of his childhood!

  8. Grandson is a genius! :) Thanks for sharing.

  9. Ahhh, I LOVE these conversations with small grandson. They're seeing the world with fresh eyes and they say the cutest things. That child is brilliant!!!