Sunday, November 10, 2013

Big smiles

Granddaughter is a dear little person. She's very cheerful most of the time, though isn't keen on being left on her own for more than a few moments. If she has a fault it might be in the area of sleeping. Like our children as babies, she barely nods off during the day but unlike them (on the whole) she wakes up during the night more than one would wish. Alas. She makes up for it (well, as far as her grandparents are concerned - but then we sleep peacefully overnight) by her winning smiles.

The other day, Daughter 1 and Son-in-Law 1 had just spent ages assembling all the stuff you need to take two small children out. The bags were packed, the little ones were dressed and washed, the baby's nappy had been changed, the washing was done, as were the dishes. Grandson, busy playing with his toys, was invited to come and get his shoes on.

He looked up briefly. "Maybe later," he said.

Darcy and Ollie Cat are still well.


  1. Having not read your post of the day before I was totally confused by the cats pictures and names. Whew, all is well, do C and S get jealous when they smell strange cat smells on you?

  2. What a lovely photo - thank you for making such a cheerful start to the day.

  3. Maybe later? That's hysterical. Don't you wonder where he came up with that?