Friday, November 29, 2013

Nothing much has happened today

The garden has very few flowers now - only some miserable-looking remnants. But it's so lovely to be able to buy them: here, two bunches of alstroemerias for £6. Such a joy (as long as you don't worry about air miles and underpaid workers, which I do, somewhat). They're a week old already and should last for another week. So pretty.

I've been working steadily on my quilt, hand-quilting it in mainly-interlocking circles. It's very simple and quite pleasant and soothing but I hadn't realised quite how many circles it would take.  I feel like Penelope, sewing away at a never-ending piece of needlework, though in my case I'm not actually unpicking it every night. I keep getting to a corner and thinking that I must be nearly done and then finding a completely unquilted bit. (You're not creeping out of bed and removing the stitches, are you, Mr L?)

I bought a special pen to draw the circles (round a cereal bowl) - it's very clever because the ink fades away, though frankly it would be even cleverer if the ink didn't fade away quite so rapidly. I dare say it would be fine for machine work but, hand sewing, I keep having to stop to redraw the vanished line. It's either that or sew along the memory of a line: homeopathic quilting.

Is it going to be finished by Christmas? Well. There's a question. A Christmas snoozing-quilt is a fairly bonkers concept in the first place but it would somewhat have lost its point by January.

I can't imagine how long a complicated  quilt would take me.


  1. Wishing you speedy(and neat circles), quilting on your quilt.
    As for the house being torn down(yesterdays post), It happens all the time here. It can't be a wise financial decision. MY OPINION is that it's people with LOTS of money and not a concern for the environment. (Building a house is a big use of natural resources.) But then I'm probably wrong. I'm just a 'make do' and recycling type person. Blessings from So. California. Pat McDonald

  2. Hello Isabelle,
    It has been lovely to catch up with your blog again.

    I do agree with Craig. It`s such a waste of resources to pull down a perfectly good house, let alone the disruption that will be caused to everyone in the neighbourhood.

    Best wishes, DWx

  3. Haha -- you made me laugh at the thought of Mr. L tearing out your stitches. It sounds like your quilt is coming along beautifully and I'm glad to read that you're enjoying it. You'll be done before you know it!

  4. Several houses in my area have been dismantled and rebuilt lately, but I have to say it was a great idea - they were hideous! The only flowers in my house are the Christmas cactii, which are more than doing their job. 8-)

  5. Anonymous4:19 am

    I hope you will post a photo of your quilt. I have just discovered your interesting blog and look forward to reading more.
    Andrea, a quilter in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA