Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Man in kilt (for Anna); and cake

At the wedding, Grandson fancied splashing in the puddles in his posh trousers and new shoes. So Son took him for a gallop on his shoulders instead. They both enjoyed this.

Look at the cake, made by a friend of the bride. The carnations on the top are actually made of icing, a fact I failed to notice till I was about five inches from the cake. They were impressively realistic.

See here, O World of Blog: Son and Daughter-in-Law are thinking of taking January off work and would like to go somewhere a) interesting b) neither too cold nor too hot and c) where they are in no danger of getting killed, kidnapped etc.

Any suggestions from you world-travelling people? They've been to New Zealand and liked it a lot so might go to a different bit of it. Would Australia be unbearably hot in January? (for those of us unused to heat). How about Florida? - they're energetic people so is there enough energetic stuff to do there? The Canary Islands? Vietnam? Any ideas welcome.


  1. Tasmania! The bit of Australia that is most like New Zealand, and never terribly hot :) But Vietnam sounds much more interesting.

  2. It is hot in January in Australia, but on the plus side it is great for a beach holiday!

  3. Lynley and SG are both right - most of Australia can be unbearably hot in January/February, especially to anyone not used to it. Tasmania would be the mildest place at that time of the year, although they have had their share of bushfires and above average heat in recent years too. But don't hold that against us! I have a friend who lives in Southampton, and he LOVES to come here in summer - to get away from British winters, he says :-)
    BTW Thanks for your comments on my blog. After the news of my friend, I guess I'll be having that colonoscopy after all..

  4. MAN IN KILT!!!! And your DS to boot! I should get my DS-children into kilts -- think I'd have any luck? At what age will smallgrandson don a kilt?

    I would love to nominate Iceland for their adventuring spirits, but it won't fit the cold bill. I would think Florida would be a bit lackluster for active kids. Our National Parks would be fabulous, but, with the exception of the Grand Canyon, they might all be a bit too cold also. How 'bout Hawaii? It's beatiful there year round. They could hike up some mountains (on Maui I think?), visit Volcano National Park on Hawaii, and probably a LOT more. Other than that, I'm a cold-climate person myself, so, I'm not much help. I hope you'll tell us what they decide!

  5. Yes!Yes! Come to Australia, there is a shortage of doctors here and they might like it so much they decide to stay.
    On the other hand it will be very hot and all the best things to see and do are so far apart. Vietnam might be a better choice.

  6. Always fancied Patagonia....

  7. January is one of the best months to come to Florida! Neither too hot nor too cold. Harummph to Anna! There are gorgeous beaches, there's tubing,kayaking and snorkelling on the rivers, hiking through national forests, quilting in sewing rooms throughout the state, though that might not be their bag! Northern California and the Redwoods are also worth a visit. The place I want to go to is Vancouver, so if they want to swing by here, I'll tag along to there...