Thursday, November 07, 2013

Mist and light

I took this picture of Edinburgh Castle yesterday. Can you see it, just looming through the November mist? No, neither can I. But it was faintly visible to the eye.

And facing in the opposite direction, here are Edinburgh's horrible new tram poles and wires. Very unbeautiful.

However, I really like glass, particularly with light shining on it.

These were the last two roses in the garden, with some astilbe leaves.

Winter is a-coming in. Brrr.

Any more suggestions for holiday destinations for Son and DIL? Thanks for those provided so far.


  1. Oh no -- I saw from yesterday's comments that I must apologize to Molly! After all, I have always wanted to go to Key West and to see the Everglades. Perhaps Florida should be thrown back into the pot.

    I posed your trip question to my work friends yesterday. One of them suggested Peru. I think that sounds like a terrific trip!

  2. So used to overhead tram lines in Melbourne Australia that I didn't see anything ugly about your new ones!

  3. The tram poles have got to be better than the holes in the road for the laying of the tram poles? I was going to suggest Ireland. I think we are gradually losing our dangerous status. But January in Ireland? No. Perhaps not.