Saturday, November 09, 2013

Excitement! And cats

Mr L has had a Very Bad Cold. Here he is lying on the sofa covered with blankets and cats. The cats have been quite pleased about his illness.

However, he revived slightly today and accompanied me to an antique fair. I was just going to look and not buy anything. This plan didn't quite work.

But - and this is veryveryvery exciting - "Bargain Hunt" was being filmed!!!!!

Now, just in case you may not be a retired English teacher who loves watching this fine programme as she eats her lunch, I'll tell you what happens. Two teams of two people - the reds and (above) the blues - are each given £300 and a tame antiques expert. Each team has to buy three items in one hour and then, on a different day, they have to sell these at auction and, with any luck, make a profit, which they get to keep.

This is not a game with huge stakes. Often the teams make a loss. Sometimes they win, but usually get something like £12 between them. But it's gentle and interesting (if you're interested in antique-ish things) and mildly amusing and very unstressful to watch. And look - above - that's Paul Laidlaw's back!

And that's Tim Wonnacot, the presenter. It's possible that he's glaring at me because I'm taking his picture. Ooops. He was looking in the opposite direction when I started doing so.

The other expert was Catherine Southon but I didn't take her photo. I didn't want to seem like a stalker; or at least not any more than I already did.

I've been feeding Ollie and Darcy in their own home while my friend M is away in France meeting her new twin grandsons.

They are very friendly but enormous - you could make at least four Cassies or three Siriuses out of each of them. When they jump on my lap it feels like being landed on by a small pony. They have huge heads and when they rub against me, suggesting that I hurry up with their food, I struggle to stay upright.

They're indoor cats so are probably getting a bit bored without M. I wish I could tell them that she'll be home on Thursday. Well, I have told them. But I'm not sure they believed me.


  1. I did laugh about the small pony on the lap line. Our Basil-cat is very petite so I am often startled when meeting a great big cat too.

  2. I LOVE that show! I met Tim when he was out here with the Antiques Roadshow a few years ago. He had a brief look at my antique embroidered linens, but admitted he couldn't tell me much about them. A minute later I was approached by a rep. from the Australian National Museum who was far more interested in my linens. So it was a worthwhile trip after all, but no thanks to Mr.Wonnacot!

  3. Yes, it's a weird experience, taking care of other people's cats. You realize how individual cats really are - you get so used to your own cats, how they look and feel, their games, and what they like. And then you spend time with someone else's cats and you see they have a totally different way about them. One thing they all have in common - "FEED ME!!!" 8-)

  4. Use to watch that show all the time and then BBC America quit carrying it.
    We did make it to an Antiques Roadshow when we were in Plymouth, England one time and to the American version in Mobile, Alabama.

  5. Cats are most empathetic companions--in sickness or wellness.

  6. They often shoot Bargain Hunt and Put your Money Where your Mouth is at the Flea Fairs at The Three Counties Showground - they put up large notices warning people,
    which amuses me. Do they imagine there are lots of people indulging in clandestine meetings who wouldn't want to be caught on camera? I always feel rather sorry for the experts as there seems to be a lot of hanging around, often in the cold and the pouring rain! Poor Mr Life, there are rotten colds here too - Grand-daughter and Daughter have been laid low.

  7. I have strongly held preferences for which expert I would or would not like to be accompanied by. I only watch the last 15 minutes and pride myself (naturally) on my ability both to guess the auctioneer's valuation and it's final sale price. I just couldn't bear to have to wear one of those fleeces!

  8. You made me laugh at how the cats were "quite pleased" at Mr. life's illness! Gave them someone to hang out with, more that he usually does I expect. Casper has been ecstatic since I've been trying to do some tai chi and yoga on a daily basis. He loves to have me down on the floor at his level and stretches luxuriously, right in the middle of my stretches, threatening to topple me over.Smiling smugly all the while. I think he digs the music too!

  9. You can tell Ollie and Darcy that their owner will be back on Thursday! They'll understand -- you know they will. ;-D I used to dislike those antique shows, but now I think they're pretty fun to watch. And next time, will you show us what you bought? ;-D