Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Minus one

Son and Daughter-in-law were in town and we met for lunch at the museum with Daughter 1 and the children. Grandson then had a little tour of the museum to make sure that everything was in order... .

... such as the trains whose buttons one has to press to make the wheels go round.

Later, Son entertained Grandson with a YouTube video of a sleeping dog being licked by a cat (or something). It seemed to be hilarious.

Granddaughter agreed.

Then some fairly wild activities took place.

You do need good muscles to do this for long - which Son did. Whenever he stopped for a bit of a rest, Grandson shouted "Again!"

So that was all very lovely except that we all missed Daughter 2 so much. (Sorry, world. But there it is.)


  1. Son will be Grandson's hero as he grows up. I remember a much older cousin that I adored -- it was probably because he would roughhouse with us. So fun to have the kids together. I'm feeling your missing daughter pain. Thursday is our Thanksgiving and neither boy will be home this year. {Sniff}{Sniff}

  2. my (EX)brother-in-law held my oldest son like that and tossed hum up and down - and was repaid with a mouth full of baby spew that ended up all down his shirt and around to the back - ha ha ha!!! i had forgotten all about that till i saw your pictures...