Friday, November 22, 2013


Look, immune system: would you kindly spring into action?
I'm normally blessed with (cross fingers, touch wood) robust good health. But I have been really quite felled with this cold and cough. Currently I've literally lost my voice - something that's never happened to me before. Mr L is living a life of blessed peace - or he would be if I didn't keep coughing. I'm very frustrated - I keep thinking of titbits of insubstantial but of course fascinating chatter that I would like to share with him but no: I'm silenced. It has to be something really interesting for me to make the effort of whispering it to him and then repeating the whisper because he can't make it out. And frankly, nothing I have to say really warrants this.
I keep trying to battle on (sales of paracetamol and Strepsils must have soared this week) but am in a state of shivering collapse by the evening. In this spirit of undefeat we went up town the other morning and bought a super-duper blow-up bed for when everybody comes to stay including my brother and his family and we need more than our three spare rooms. Grandson tried it out. However, it was blocking his car circuit so after a brief bounce he commanded, "Grandpa move it." Grandpa did.

Playing is such a serious business. I'd forgotten. He puts so much effort into his traffic play, patiently moving his cars, trains and tractors round an invisible track.

Look at that. A picture of concentration, not to say excellent eyelashes.

Thank you for all your appreciation of my splendid children. They are indeed lovely. That's why we miss them so much when they're far away.

And a special hello to Craig. Gosh. A male reader (or maybe, since he/she seems to be "Pat", not actually. Anyway, hello all the same). I think of you all as ladies with quilts and cats (and the occasional dog). Not that I don't like ladies with quilts and cats. Many of my long-term bloggy friends have lapsed into blogging only too infrequently or in some cases not at all (sigh). I recently discovered a whole slew... bunch... crowd... (what is the collective noun for bloggers?) of them on Facebook. So that's where you've been hiding. But Facebook's not the same as a blog, you know. Notes rather than an essay. Too easy.

Quite fun as an extra, though. My Facebook friends have suddenly doubled in number: another happy way of wasting time... .

Cough. Moan. Shiver. Enough, however. Tomorrow I'm GOING TO BE MUCH BETTER.


  1. Of course you will......

  2. My huzband once lost his voice for months - noodles on his vocal chords. We had to communicate by written note and using a computer speech programmw - very hard work! Hope you feel bettee soon.

    1. meant nodules, of course - predictive text strikes again.!

  3. I would lose my voice about once a year when I was teaching. Then I would whisper and just recently learned that whispering can actually make it worse. I know you will be better soon! Here's to great health for you asap!!

  4. I hope you feel better soon. Sounds as though you should see a doctor.Respiratory germs really are rotten.

  5. It's wrong to laugh at you being sick, but that little passage where you talked of your frustration at not being able to chatter and Mr Life's peaceful life except for your frequent coughs did give me a chuckle. Hope you recover soon though!

  6. Wishing you well....and that bed looks comfy.

  7. Wishing you a speedy recovery. What an impressive bed!

  8. I get laryngitis about twice a year, though it's generally triggered by allergies not a cold. Last had it in June, I just croaked along, wrote lots of notes and did a lot of pointing.

  9. Losing your voice sounds awful. If you can, lounge around, drink tea, with lemon, and eat chicken soup. It really does help. Also, my husband NEVER reads or comments on quilting blogs. I drive him nuts with using his email. He has a fancy phone and complains it is full of emails for me. After 41 years of marriage(last April), I have to give him something to complain about...right? Stay warm and rested. Pat McDonald

  10. Darn it Isabelle -- you were still sick by the end of the week! I'm hoping that you're better by now -- surely you must be. Grandson is such a doll -- and it sounds like he has his grandparents at his command LOL. As it should be.

    And facebook. I am NOT a fan. My feed never seems to be in order and I. Just. Don't. Like. It. It's so sad to me to see so many people move to facebook and Instagram. Blogs will ALWAYS be my true love. I hope you'll be here with me, sticking it out to the end!

  11. And Ha! As I was ending my comment I was thinking "you know...Craig could be a woman" and then I decided to check and she is!