Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why I'm not going to Zumba tomorrow

Another day largely spent on the sofa. However, my illness isn't severe - just a very sore throat, temperature and general acheyness - and I plan to be Much Better Tomorrow. Possibly not quite better enough for Zumba, mind you.

Lots of my Zumba class really like Zumba-ing. "That was great!" they say. "I really enjoyed that! Didn't you?" And I say, "Ye-es..." because it would seem feeble to say, "Well, I really enjoy the moment when it's finished." It's not that I hate it. But I find it simultaneously quite difficult and rather boring - not a winning combination. I do it because it's good for me (at least I jolly well hope it is) and not horrible. It's not that I'm lazy; but I prefer exercise that allows me to muse.

Our Zumba teacher is a very pretty girl and extremely graceful. She acts out the dances, smiling charmingly. I imagine she would have quite an effect on a class of young chaps but even for us elderly ladies, it's quite winning.

While it's been tedious to be unwell, it's been so lovely not to have to drag myself to work. You can't be off work if you're a teacher so you keep going on adrenaline. Possibly this would work for Zumba also but I think I might not try. Don't want to encourage a relapse.

Poor little Grandson has been vomity today. He's had a sofa day too: lots of books and Postman Pat on the television. I'd like to visit him but don't want to infect him or his little sister or, come to that, his mum and dad (though I suspect I got the bug from them). I hope he's better tomorrow too.


  1. Sorry to hear you are unwell. Best Wishes for a speedy recovery and little N too.
    So relieved to discover what the foot died of!

  2. Get well soon, Isabelle, and thank you for the kind comment on my blog.

  3. Ahhh, the hazards of having small children around. I hope the bug won't last long -- for all of you.

    I smiled while reading about your young Zumba instructor. Our class that started as Zumba has morphed into some sort of Zumba/kick-boxing combo. The instructor is a VERY perky 7-month pregnant 26-year old. And, being largely PG, she still jumps and shimmies (we call them her stripper moves) more than us old ladies. There is one other young girl who attends and she's also PG. It's the old ladies and PG girls and it's really pretty funny!

  4. Yes , being able to be ill in peace is definitely one of the least advertised benefits of retirement . Though , put like that , it doesn't sound a huge plus point !
    Not tempted by Zumba , I have to say . I'd rather put on a Cuban CD , pull the curtains and dance at home . Less embarrassing , I feel .