Monday, November 11, 2013

... just keeps rolling along

This morning we went for a walk along the Water of Leith at Stockbridge. Mr L is doing a photography course (learning computer techniques) and he needed to take a panoramic photo to manipulate at his class.

It's always pleasant walking here, a mile or so from the city centre but a world away.

I like the way you can see this church up on the bridge over which traffic trundles ceaselessly, while down here all is peace, the smell of damp leaves and the gentle trickle of water.

At the end of the path is Dean Village.

You can see the backs of the houses of the New Town ("new" in Edinburgh terms, meaning that building started in 1780).

This house has a nice little garden overlooking the water. It's very little; but it must feel quite rural.

On our way back we saw a heron. It posed like a statue of itself before unfolding its wings and flapping downstream.

Then the sun came out, which would have made my pictures much prettier but by then my phone had run out of battery. You'll have to imagine it.

It was all much pleasanter than what I've been doing tonight, which is my music theory: harmonic and melodic minor scales. I'm only on Grade 3 and already it makes my brain hurt.


  1. Grade 3 is an achievement, says she who has never formally studies music! Such pretty pictures today.

  2. No, no, sunshine doesn't make for better photos - the light here is much softer and more subtle. How lovely to have this so close to the city centre.

  3. Thank you for the tour, Isabelle. I always like seeing around Edinburgh from your eyes!

  4. I love pictures of Edinburgh, rain or shine and your pictures are wonderful Isabelle!

  5. "It posed like a statue of itself before unfolding its wings and flapping downstream..." Very Ted Hughes!