Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sunshine and cake

It's been a beautiful autumn, which is just as well for the surprising numbers of tourists who still seem to be visiting Edinburgh. I can't quite imagine how their travel agents sold them the idea of visiting Scotland in November. In fact they've been lucky, but it could have been cold, dark and rainy. (And not just in November... .) Still, we've all been basking in sunshine quite a lot. I wonder if they realise how fortunate they've been?

We had the Edinburgh family visiting as usual today.

Granddaughter beamed.

For pudding at lunch time we had vanilla slices and raspberries. I don't know if vanilla slices are known overseas, but they're pastry, custardy stuff and icing - in rectangles. Delicious! Grandson had eaten his main course (avoiding the broccoli) and was keen to get back to his toys but when he was promised cake, he decided to stay at the table.

However, when a chopped-up half vanilla slice with raspberries was put in front of him, he clearly didn't recognise this as cake and his little face crumpled in disappointment.

"It's nice," said his mum. "You'll like it. Mind you," she conceded, "that's what I said about the broccoli."

He did like the vanilla slice once he'd taken a bite. Another tiny piece of his education in the variety of cake is now successfully completed.

This was nearly a very nice picture of the pair of them.

PS I think I might be just slightly on the mend. Fingers crossed.


  1. Sounds just like our vanilla slices, except ours are square and have passionfruit icing.

  2. It is a lovely picture! Glad you are feeling a bit better.

  3. Were you feeling well enough to enjoy a vanilla slice yourself? If they are the same as the ones I'm thinking of, they are a bit messy to eat and I end up with bits of custard and icing sugar all over my face. Probably as grandson did.

  4. Well, I had the other half of Grandson's. My stomach is fine!

  5. Yay -- you're starting to get better!
    It sounds like you had a lovely day with the family. And oh my, how you underestimate the beauty of your fair town. Since two of my three trips to Scotland have been in late October/Early November I can vouch for it's beauty at that time of year. Even the pouring rain of the first visit didn't deter us from returning at that time of year again! Just to be in Scotland is a treat -- it really doesn't matter what the time of year is. I was just thinking the other day -- I'm sure the day will come when we'll be alone at Christmas with children off with their other families and when that happens I plan to drag hubby to the UK for Christmas -- I think that would be SO fun!!!