Monday, November 04, 2013

The Tea Song - by Yorkshire Tea

It's suddenly come to me that this is November and that for the last two (three?) Novembers I've posted every day, in the spirit of Noblo-whateveritis. I've missed a couple of days by now but here I go:

I wish I could ever remember how to do the wee telly screen thing for YouTube. I thought that maybe clicking "Share" on the YouTube whatsit would do it, but no: it gave me this particularly long screed instead.

Anyway, if you click it you'll get an advert for tea, starred in by Son-in-Law 2's co-actor friend, Ruth Bratt.

I would very much recommend this. It will cheer you up. She's funny and has a lovely singing voice. It was all shot in one take - though not the first take - the ninth, which is why her boots are quite wet by this stage. I think doing it in nine takes is still quite impressive. Imagine being the zombie at the end and having to keep a straight face, otherwise the whole thing would have to be done all over again. I couldn't do it. Mind you, I couldn't do any of it.

Go on, watch it. It takes 3 minutes 5 seconds and it'll make you smile.


  1. What a delight! So well done! Thank you for posting the link.

  2. Love it! And yes, Yorkshire Tea fixes everything. Or nearly everything.

  3. It played all jerky for me which was funnier still.

  4. Brilliant! When I was in the UK this past summer I became a Yorkshire tea addict. What a brilliant ad! Warned the OC that if he didn't bring a big box of it when he came home in Oct. he shouldn't come at all!

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