Thursday, November 07, 2013

Seeing as a child

Today Son-in-Law 1 and I took Grandson and Granddaughter to Inverleith Park. It may look like a beautiful day in these photos but it was chilly with a sharp wind. Nevertheless Grandson trotted enthusiastically along.

We went to inspect the pond, which had waves on it, pushed into points by the wind. A few seconds after this picture, lots of swans paddled vigorously up to us. Small children often bring bread to the pond. Alas, we had none. I don't think bread is very good for swans anyway.

Then we went to the playpark. Grandson seemed impervious to the cold.

His dad seesawed with him.

The lad slid down the chutes several times.

Then, with the lure of a ride in Granny's car and the toys at Granny's house, we persuaded him to come away before his father froze to death. (No subcutaneous fat to keep him warm, that young man. Unlike me.)

Later, in the afternoon as we came back from a walk, Grandson noticed the moon quite high in the sky. "The moon," he observed, " and it not dark either."

He makes me see the world afresh.


  1. What a wonderfully observant comment. As a devoted moon watcher myself I applaud his powers of observation.

  2. I saw the crescent moon myself tonight and it was beautiful! That boy has the soul of a poet. I can sympathize with his father, having the same deficit in the sub-cutaneous department. Florida will do me very nicely thank you, as lovely as your walk sounds!

  3. I love that children see things as new when we take them for granted. I love Molly's comment that he has the soul of a poet! Those rosy, chilly day cheeks are always adorable, too! :)

  4. Wow -- small grandson is so observant now -- and sharing complicated thoughts for being so young! He's going to keep you guys VERY busy!!!


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