Sunday, November 04, 2012

A cat of very little brain

Our cats spend their nights in the kitchen. I know that some kind people allow their pets to sleep on the owners' beds, but I find sleep an elusive state and though I love our furry friends I don't want to be wakened from my fitful slumber by being trampled by small feet or by having an enquiring, prawn-smelling face pressed up against mine.  But we do supply them with cosy igloos to sleep in and, in the winter, drape extras fleeces on top. You may notice that Cassie's igloo (above)...

 ... is more shapely than Sirius's (above).

This is because Sirius, daft mog that he is, quite often sleeps on top of his igloo (you can see the result above).

He has a lovely personality but no one could call him bright. I usually come into the kitchen after my night-time bath and if he's on top of the igloo, reinflate it and post him in. Sometimes he's still in it in the morning; sometimes not. Of course, if he changes his mind in the middle of a cold night, he doesn't really have suitably engineered arms to unsquash the igloo himself.

He doesn't seem greatly bothered one way or the other. Sunshine - now that's what he really likes to sleep in.


  1. I laughed out loud when I saw the title of your post! That is exactly what we often call El Pussygato here.....

    Are you and I the only two in the blogiverse, as we know it, who are making even the feeblest attempt [me-feeble- not you]at NABLOPOMO? I'm just taking it one day at a time. If it happens it happens. At least that is my technique for fooling myself into relaxing---no pressure, no pressure. Ha! Maybe I am really a cat, oops, person, of very little brain.

  2. My 2 (dogs) have the luxury of the

  3. Fingers too fast...

    Luxury of the warmest room in the house. But this morning, on getting up v v early, I discovered the 2 of them , who normally growl and fight with each, cuddled up together in the same basket. Frauds!!

    Lesley xx

  4. We too have igloos by the radiator in the kitchen for our two cats....and yet they only ever sleep in one, and it seems they take turns! maybe the other one is haunted or something....

  5. Our old cat used to sleep along the sharp top edge of the radiator in prefernce to a cosy basket.....

  6. I bought one of those fun igloos for our cats and neither of them would use it. I've always admired your forethought in separating the cats from you at night. Big Fat Scruff sleeps and my feet and he frequently comes closer around 3 a.m. for a little scratch on the chin, then back to his post. He also guards the bed and won't let poor little PaulKitty on the bed. Do Sirius and Cassie ever get into each other's igloos?

  7. I bought an igloo like that for our beasties when we moved into our house. It's chillier than the flat was. They HATED it until Marble figured out she could simply squish it and sleep on top. Now they both make use of it. Only regular open-topped cat beds will do for them it seems. I thought Marble would like it because she likes to get deep under the blankets and stay there, but evidently not.