Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The descendants return

 They're back home.
They had a lovely time.

We'll have him again tomorrow.

Goodbye, tidy house.

Can't wait, though!

(I wasn't actually bored yesterday - just kept feeling there was something I ought to do for someone. And there wasn't. It's odd, being very needed for over thirty years and then suddenly not being needed at all. Not totally unpleasant; but odd. As for your helpful suggestions, Molly and Anna, I have to wait till we get sorted out. The study carpet arrives (again) tomorrow. Then we have to organise all the study stuff into as-yet-unbought Billy bookcases with doors. (I would like Mr Life to get rid of a lot of his paperwork; but I don't actually want to reduce mine much. Double standards? You may have a point... .) I don't really think that covering the dining room with bits of fabric would be a good idea at the moment. We don't all have basements, alas. Though if we did, Mr Life would want it for a model railway layout.)


  1. I have to empty an entire kitchen and dining room tomorrow so that some builders can knock down some walls. Feel free to turn up in your pinny if you want to join in and feel needed!

  2. He is back! Oh what fun to have him so close to you. Sigh. Missy is miles away. Billy bookcases and I are well acquainted. Wonderful things. Enjoy playing, and a trip to Ikea is always fun (for me)!

  3. Love Billy and he/they are arriving tomorrow! Our worldly goods made it to Michigan! You could come and help unpack, I definitely need you!

    What project or was I not paying attention?

  4. At least tidying the house gives you something to do in the absence of Grandson. He was walking while away, but all your photos show him still crawling.
    I am still recovering from my week of c hildminding - although they were very good, mostly, just difficult to get them moving in time for school.

  5. You're so funny -- you always have the best post titles -- I wish you would title mine for me. I certainly see your project problem, so I'll issue you a pass for the time being LOL. I was just doing a bit of cleaning over the weekend and had the same feelings as you -- I sure wish the hubby would get rid of some of his stuff! Have fun with that little sweetie of a grandson!