Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Moving about

Two historic pictures - we're sort of moved back into the study (the carpet came today, hooray, and Mr Life hung the new curtains yesterday). That is, the desks are moved, the chest of drawers containing my archives is here, as is my grandparents' bureau - but most of the actual stuff remains in what was my mother's bedroom. Oh, how I like the study in this tidy, roomy state (well, as roomy as a nine foot four by ten foot seven area can reasonably be expected to be). But oh, how I do not like my mother's room with all the clutter in it. Action must be taken.

But what's historic about the photos? Look: I have a tidy desk.

It won't last.

In answer to a couple of questions - firstly, the Thimbleanna/Molly Bawn project is quilting. I'm always admiring quilts and imagining that I might make one some day. Anna, who visited us in August, called my bluff and very kindly brought some lovely whatever-they're-calleds - charm whatsits or fat quarters (see? I don't even know the technical terms) and a cutting board and a rotary cutter. She'd consulted Molly about this. And I will gird my loins and use them, M and A. Once we get a bit sorted out. And I've decided what to do and found out how to do it. In the New Year. It's not that I don't want to! If either of you would care to come and stay for a few weeks to advise me, this would be excellent... . My mum's room, aka the new spare room, will be available any month now.

That particular room has had various lives in the 23 years we've lived in this house. At first it was the dining / extra living room. Then when Mr Life's mother was terminally ill 20 years ago, she came to stay with us and it became her bedroom. After she died it was the dining room again for a while. Then we built a kitchen extension, made a dining room out of the old kitchen and turned the former dining room into Daughter 2's bedroom, aka The Boud (short for The Boudoir), which it remained for some years, even after Daughter 2 moved out because she came home a lot. Most recently it was my mum's bedsitting room and now it's about to acquire a double bed to be a spare room. The other spare rooms are a bit small for a double bed, though both have had two single beds in them when the need has arisen.

We now don't know what to call it. We're still referring to it as my mum's room but this makes me feel a bit sad and anyway, she was only in it from last October until June of this year, when she went into hospital. So I think we'll revert to The Boud. The other offsprings' former bedrooms are still called [Daughter 1]'s room and [Son]'s room. These never acquired particular titles, probably because they were smaller and thus less suitable for entertaining friends and also - I fear - tended to be less tidy. Daughter 2 kept her room very organised.

Organised - just like we're going to keep the study!!!! Possibly.

In answer to the other question: is Grandson walking? Well, sort of. He can walk unaided but at the moment he seems to regard crawling or walking round the furniture as quicker and safer ways of getting about. This seems a bit slow but evidently his father, who is an extremely clever person, didn't walk till the same age so we're assuming that Grandson is just thinking about calculus or something instead of getting on with bipedal locomotion.


  1. The room does look so tidy! I like removing things when I organize my office... but I don't like once I realize how much "stuff" I have to put back in! :) I hope all the vomiting has passed and all are well. Grandson's pictures are so cute, as always! And I understand about the quilting! I always see Molly and Anna, as well as my mother's, sewing and quilting abilities-and marvel at their finished products! I envy, and struggle with my patience levels when I try! :)

  2. Grandson is definitely thinking about calculus. Or perhaps, under the influence of his uncle, advanced theories in medicine. I didn't walk until I was 17 months and I never crawled, so fear not -- perhaps he'll grow up to be a quilter LOL. Speaking of which, Oh, how you tempt me. I would be in heaven if I could just come and stay, even for just a week or two and we could quilt all day. And Mr. Life could wait on us LOL. Of course, we would make him a quilt as a reward. Now I'm off in dreamland...must stop. Have fun with the reorganization!

  3. I sympathise greatly as I currently have various bits and pieces from my father-in-law's house lying around in various corners of our house! I would like to have that roomy feeling back. Eventually, some of the larger objects will migrate to Lily's house....

    Looking forward to seeing your project in January. And you never know. It's not outside the realm of possibility that you could have a live-in tutor [or two!] in the not-too-distant future!

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  5. My mother would love to have her basement back, as well as the attic. My brother is a pack rat, and will use any space he can find, even if not at his house. I dread cleaning out at her death. I am now throwing out old parts and other machinery.
    As to grandchild...he's just planning where he will run first. Why walk when you can run?