Monday, November 12, 2012

Nothing has happened

All of our children are in England at the moment. Daughter 1 is visiting Daughter 2, who lives in London these days (bloggy friends know how I feel about that) and Son and DIL are holidaying in Yorkshire. Yorkshire in November may not sound the most exotic of experiences but that's when they got their week off and I'm sure it's very nice. Anyway, what with that and my mother not being around any more, Mr Life and I don't quite know what to do with ourselves. So I have nothing to say. This may be an advantage to any of you who are following my attempt to do Nawhatever it's called, posting every day in November.
So... I went to the dentist today. This is Ainslie Place, a minute from the dentist's front door.
This is Sirius, licking Cassie's face. It's always that way round. She never licks him. She has more dignity.
And these are doggy footprints on the beach yesterday, samples of the many left by the large numbers of gambolling dogs. They were having lots of fun but you couldn't have described them as dignified.
Would you rather be a cat or a dog? I only ask because... well... I have nothing to say, really. I'd rather be a cat but it would have to be a vegetarian one. But we're not talking realism here, so that's it: a vegetarian cat. Who eats dark chocolate.


  1. Oh, Isabelle! Smiling boy will be back soon!

  2. Kitty USA9:38 pm

    I am a cat! Always thought this. The nickname is real.

    We have two cats similar to your two. Ours are 1.5 years old, slight oriental/siamese faces, a girl and boy, brother and sister. They are black with a hint of mocha in the sunlight.

    I enjoy all of your posts, am usually silent, don't mean to be but it just happens.

    Best to you.

  3. If I have to decide it would be a cat...But I'd rather be a bird if that's all right.
    I too would want top eat dark chocolate and drink dark mellow coffee! Perhaps I'll stay as me cause I don't fancy raw meat or worms and bugs.
    So bored you went to the that I will never understand.

  4. I love the new TV advert for **** cat food, in which a cat asks "Do I look like I'm stalking vegetables?". Also, chocolate is very bad for cats, so I'm afraid you wouldn't be a very healthy cat.

  5. Part of me would like the independence of being a cat, but only if I was allowed outside, which El Pussygato is not, given the ever-present danger of owls scooping him up for lunch....I also would not like eating mice.

    I wouldn't like the neediness of being a dog, though I do like dogs.....

    I think I'd most like to be an eagle, and drift on high on those air currents and have a bird's eye view of all that's going on!

    Think how happy you'll be when your three travelers return.

  6. Bored? This is the perfect time to get started on that project Molly and I have in mind for you LOL. I'm not sure I'd like to be either animal thank you -- opposable thumbs are necessary to all the things I love to do. Cats do have a fine appreciation of yarn though ....

  7. A cat. Much loved and patted. Preferably in a household where there are no small children, or if there are, they are taught to treat cats with TLC!

  8. I'd be a cat, cuddling in front of a fire, but definitely not a vegetarian one.

  9. I'd be a cat, cuddling in front of a fire, but definitely not a vegetarian one.

  10. A day in the life of... Sometimes life is just humdrum and I think we need that as much as excitement and stimulation.
    Thanks for your visit and sorry to hear about your Mum. It leaves such a vacuum. I don't think I have really taken my loss on board properly yet.
    Love the cats - I have a pretty black one too x

  11. You are so lucky to live near the sea...a walk on the beach always seems to blow your mind clear of cobwebs.

  12. Either a cat or dog. As long as I can lie on a rug in front of a fire. SOMEONE SAVE ME FROM MARKING, ANYWAY.

  13. Veg artist is would probably be a dead cat if you ate too much dark chocolate.