Friday, November 16, 2012


I've just checked my stats (the alternative activities were dusting and piano practice) and saw that noticeably fewer people than usual read my blog today. Surely I'm not boring you with my news of our study? Instead, then, I offer you an Edinburgh view today, to demonstrate that the whole of the UK was not, as forecast by the BBC weather chaps, dull and foggy.

In the afternoon I went to the supermarket. I don't know about you but I can't quite get my head round cabbages masquerading as flowers. I realise that it's just my prejudice and they're really quite pretty but I somehow couldn't buy them.

A chap was pondering over the flower stand and eventually decided to buy a bouquet like this one. I felt like saying to him: are you sure that lilies and cabbages add up to a romantic gesture? And do you really think that purple and orange (ok, salmon) go well together?

But I didn't. Taste varies. He was maybe buying them for himself but if not, I hope the recipient liked them.


  1. Isabelle, I'm one of your lurking viewers. I'll have to comment more often so that you know you have a follower here in North Carolina.

    I felt so bad for you all there in Scotland when I would see via that you had day after day of rain. So I love the sunny shot of Edinburgh. And we use decorative kale (a cousin to cabbage) in our winter gardens to perk them up along with pansies.

  2. I imagine the cabbagey flower water smelling a bit "off "after just a few days!

    Good to see that you had some blue skies over Edinburgh.

  3. I'll take an Edinburgh view any time but also enjoying the study saga too and little G obviously!

    Lying flat on my back moaning quietly, third day of moving in , I hurt and think I have bronchitis so woe indeed!

  4. Cabbages as flowers are just plain yucky! Give me lilies any day.
    Although no one gives me lilies. I have to buy my own. Two bunches at the market this morning. How they do gladden the heart, in a way cabbages simply cannot.

  5. I have never seen cabbages in bouquets before, and would probably only buy such an arrangement for the novelty factor (I'm the bouquet purchaser in my household). I have seen ornamental cabbages used very well in decorative plantings in shopping malls here in California, they are hardy and use little water compared to many flowering plants.

    Right now I have a bunch of mixed roses (yellow, salmon/peach and red) combined with some sunflowers on my mantlepiece. In a clear glass vase I got from a sweetheart when I was in university 12 (!) years ago.

  6. The flower cabbage thing does NOT do it for me either. It's not even attractive.

  7. To borrow a line from your grandson, gaahhh to cabbages in flower bouquets. I see them over here too, usually lined up in windowboxes at restaurants all winter long. I suppose they do offer a bit of color.

  8. I think the cabbages look lovely in the flower arrangements. The most creative and beautiful tablescapes I've ever seen included plant life that wasn't strictly hothouse. I've seen tables set with tree branches, pears, and nuts... seaweed, pomegranates... why shouldn't anything beautiful be appreciated visually just because you can also eat it?

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