Friday, November 02, 2012

Cassie approves, anyway

I went out for lunch with some friends today. We ate at a garden centre that has lots of other stuff as well: furniture and gifts and a food store and so on. And a restaurant, obviously. It was quite an expensive lunch. Well, the salad and chips weren't too dear. But somehow a soft warm stripy blanket found its way into my trolley as we wandered round afterwards...
... and book for Grandson...
... and a nice big pot of violas.
(Thank you so much, Anon, for your very kind comments.)


  1. Sounds like a very productive day-lovely violas, all our plants are brown, here.

  2. I think the plant section of most garden centres could be done away with to make more room for the cafes and Cath Kidston. I know it's the section I'm least interested in....

  3. 'Cassie approves, anyway' - does that refer to the blanket she is sitting on, being the one you found at the garden centre? Cute photo!