Thursday, November 22, 2012

Dear Mum, Dad, Nanny and Gramps

Granny says she's too busy to blog today so I thought I'd do a quick guest post to show you the sort of things I do at her house. For example, today I began by sorting out the keys in the hall.
Then I climbed the stairs - I can go down now as well as up... .
I got Granny to switch the gaaaahs on and off and on and off. 
I looked at the scrapbook that Granny made for Mum when she was my age. I said the words for things such as pussies and dogs and babies and cars. I did think the pictures of cars looked very old-fashioned. (Actually, this photo was from yesterday - spot the different trousers - but I did it today as well.)
I played and played. Here I am with the lovely train that Thimbleanna brought me.
I went through towards the other room. I was still clutching the key fobs that I took from the key bowl.
Here I am walking. Fast!
I said "'Allo!!!!" to Sirius in my usual ringing tones. He was somewhat alarmed.
I then had a brief snack, still keeping a close eye on my key fobs.
That was just a selection of my morning activities.
(And Granny thinks she's busy.)


  1. it is wonderful how much can be packed into a morning by someone under two feet tall!

  2. That's very kind of Granny to keep her keys in such a handy spot. I don't suppose she ever loses them now. soon you will be running!

  3. He's wonderful! And blogging at his age!

  4. I read somewhere that the average toddler takes around 14,000 steps a day and approximately 100 falls. No wonder we are exhausted after spending a day with one! Thank you for the lovely pix. Grandson is delightful!

  5. But his spelling! And still so young!

  6. You are very cute and your spelling is much better than your auntie's. However, your cat recognition skills are lacking (that is clearly Cassie). Look out for her tufty ears and bristling sense of hostility.

  7. Oh yes, silly me (says Granny on Grandson's behalf). It is Cassie. It's hard for me to compare the two cats because Cassie usually hides behind the sofa when I come into the room where they are.

  8. Oh dear -- Isabelle, you must take a vacation -- you've mistaken Cassie and Sirius. Could it have been the excitement over small grandson's walking? He's WALKING! How fun!