Sunday, November 11, 2012

Strolling and birthdays

 Before church this morning, I strolled along the beach in the sunshine.
The prom was fairly empty; most walkers were on the beach, many with frolicking dogs.
There was no wind; the sea was good-tempered.
It's all so familiar: the shells, the seaweed, the crisp sloosh of the waves. I like living in an island nation, never far from the sea.
In the distance you can see the low hills of Fife.
Meanwhile, Grandson strolled along by the Thames with Daughters 1 and 2, Brother and Sister-in-Law (her first appearance on my blog, I think).
It was Brother's 65th birthday on Friday (happy birthday, Brother - how can you be so old?) which reminds me of our visit to the theatre on Tuesday. It was the Edinburgh Playhouse - I've just looked it up and it has 3059 seats, the largest working theatre in Britain, according to Wikipedia. (I didn't know that.) It wasn't entirely full, but nearly. We were in the front stalls. Near the end of the interval there came the distant sound of young people singing "Happy Birthday" to one of their party. After the first few bars, many of the audience started singing with them - quietly but audibly - and at the end, there was a subdued cheer. Then the conductor of the orchestra, who had just come back in, started playing it on the keyboard. The whole 3000-ish-strong audience burst into a loud rendition, finishing with enthusiastic cheers and claps.
I have no idea where in the theatre or who the birthday person was, but it must have been a bit startling for him/her!


  1. I love it when something like that happens spontaneously . Lifts the spirits!

  2. How lovely to have easy access to places like that....and great for Grandson to have the London Experience as well.

  3. What a cheering post! I expect that the hidden "Birthday person" will remember that evening for the rest of their days.

    Your wintery seaside looks beautiful. We are about eight miles inland and I like being near enough to go down for a walk by the waves.

  4. How fun -- small grandson gets a visit to London -- lucky little chap! And, wouldn't that have been a fun birthday surprise??? (Of course you know I mean the birthday song at the theater, although a visit to London would be a fabulous birthday surprise!)

  5. I have enjoyed walking where grandson walked but not alas along your beach...we should have done that...alas time or lack of it.