Friday, November 23, 2012


I don't have much to say today. Look, partially-filled Billy bookcases. We haven't really been getting on with the Study Stuff Reorganisation, partly because of the Beaming Tornado who comes to the house Tuesday to Thursday and partly because of - I can't quite think. Tomorrow, however... .

These are week-old alstroemerias, which are still very pretty but probably about to start dropping their petals. I'd never seen alstroemerias till we went on holiday to Holland fifteen or so years ago and they were for sale in the flower markets. I thought, oh, traditional Dutch flowers; and then they started to appear in Britain the next year.

And these are the very same gerberas of which - I've just checked - I posted a photo on November 9. They're a bit paler now than they were, but still quite decorative - amazing. Gerberas usually collapse quite quickly, but I assume that cutting their stalks so short has kept the flowers fresh.

There you are - a handy hint. You don't often get these from me.

I'm only inflicting these profundities on the unfortunate world because I'm doing the NaPostingEveryDayInNovember whatsit. And nothing much happens; sorry. At least, nothing has happened today because I've spent most of the day working on the church magazine. Once it's edited I put in pictures from a CD of copyright-free images, which is quite fun but sometimes mildly challenging. I type in a word and the CD offers me a choice of pictures. One of the articles was about discussions of plans for the future of various local churches and I couldn't quite think what word would sum this up. I tried "thinking" and up came a picture of someone drowning, with only their hands sticking up from the water and a thought bubble above which consisted of a picture of a sausage. (I would show you the image but I don't know how to put it on my blog.)

Call me eccentric but that's not what would come to my mind if illustrating the concept of "thinking".


  1. Perhaps it's "sinking" with a lisp? We love our Billy bookcases, we've had them for.....oh, must be 25 years ago at least.

  2. Don't worry, I just fulfilled my daily posting brief with one about spilling peppercorns.

    Are you sure it was a sausage? Can't think what else it would be that would make any more sense, mind.

    Your flowers and Billies look very nice anyway.