Thursday, November 15, 2012

Tidy and untidy

The main events of today? Well, Grandson played very busily with (among other things) his stones. Do you think he's going to be a geologist? A jeweller? A miner? Or maybe just a chap who likes sorting things. Good husband material, then.

Leaves fell off the cherry tree. They do make the garden look messy.

Grandson watched them fall. He also made little hand prints on the windows. I keep thinking I might clean these off but then he makes more and I think, well, maybe next week.

Son-in-Law 1 and Mr Life went to Ikea and got Billy bookcases and then assembled them in the study. Look how pristine they are. Do you think we could just keep them empty? Minimalism, you know.

At least it'll be a while before Grandson can reach up to the glass doors and press his little hands against them. And they're too high for feline nose prints too.


  1. You went for the sophisticated Billy!

  2. My thoughts exactly! Very posh and look lovely! Love the picture of the future geologist - have a very soft spot for them because that is how the Wyoming Cowboy earns his crust.

  3. You have gorgeous grandson handprints on your windows, I have dog nose prints. Let's just think of them as happy reminders!!!!!

  4. Oooh, look at those gorgeous bookcases! And no, being that you are a booklover, you cannot keep those shelves pristine. Don't even stress yourself out trying LOL. Our Son2 LOVED playing with rocks when he was a toddler. And indeed, he has grown up to be very neat and tidy (unlike his slovenly older brother.) Did K knit that cute little red sweater he's wearing?