Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Grapes for the invalid

It's one of those weeks when things feel a bit of a struggle. Grandson hasn't been well - in a vomity way - and though he seems to have his appetite back today (despite a slightly black eye caused by falling over (in his own home - grandparents were not involved)) he's rather inclined to sit on one's knee sucking his thumb. (Which is actually rather nice - cuddly.) In  between times he's been playing happily, such as with my clothes pegs in their now rather raggedy (but home-made, Anna) bag. Now I think about it, the bag is nearly 40, so it's done quite well.

Anyway, the main problem with Grandson's vomityness is that tomorrow, he and Daughter 1 were booked to go down on the train to stay with Daughter 2 in London. Coping with Grandson, the pushchair, the luggage and Volume 2 (due February) on and off trains and other modes of transport in London would have been difficult enough, but she was worried that he wasn't really 100%. She then became more worried when she started throwing up herself, last night.

So today has been a day of oh-dear-what-should-we-do? We think she's now decided to go down on Friday instead, health permitting.

Meanwhile, we were going to have the study carpet fitted today. Once the carpet's down, Mr Life can erect the Billy bookcases (scheduled to be bought tomorrow) and we can then clear all the study furniture, archives, books, papers etc from what was my mother's bedroom in preparation for the delivery next week of a new double bed for visitors.

The carpet did indeed arrive. But it was too small. It was duly removed.


I phoned the shop to ask if they could try to get an express delivery on its replacement instead of our having to wait another two weeks. They said they'd find out and let me know. Silence so far.

Ho hum.

PS This evening's development: Mr Life has now started throwing up. Alas.


  1. If only Ikea did carpets. And health!

  2. Oh dear. There is a vomitty bug going around down here as well. Very unpleasant for everyone. I hope you escape the bug Isabelle and that your daughter and husband soon recover.

    A bag of pegs .....who needs ToysRus ( or whatever they call themselves)?

  3. I remember playing with a bag of clothespegs as a child. Fascinating objects.

    So sorry everyone caught the lurgy, and I hope that company puts a rush on the carpet. It seems it was their error in measuring/cutting.

    What colour of billy did you pick? We treated ourselves to a corner array of 'em when we moved into the house.

  4. The nice thing about vomity illnesses is that they usually are short-lived. That is the only nice thing, though. Hope everyone feels better soon.

    Your room project sounds much like our basement project. We had to do some waterproofing and decided to put new flooring in, too. We ordered the flooring in July, and it didn't come in until September! We had assumed the flooring would be in quickly and that we'd have all summer to work on finishing the basement, but the new floor didn't get installed until just before my husband had five back-to-back business trips to make. Now it is November and we still are not done with our basement. I think this weekend we may finally be able to make some progress.

    Good luck with your project! I hope yours is quicker than ours has been.

  5. Oh no. Those lightning stomach bugs can be so nasty.
    Good luck with the flooring. I have been chasing non returned calls all day, today. Grrrr indeed.

  6. I hope you are spared or that at least someone else is recovered in time to look after you. I'm chasing deliveries too and now They are beginning to cite Christmas as the reason why things are slow.

  7. Uh-oh -- sounds like you have a bug among you. Why is it so hard to get proper service these days? I hope the kinks in your refurbishing plan will soon be worked out. Annnnddd, I hope that your bug will be gone right away, leaving you unscathed!

  8. Oh dear, do your best not to catch it. Sounds like a nasty lurgy. I suppose you are soothing fevered brows, and mopping up whatever needs to be mopped up.
    Is Grandson walking?
    As for clothespegs, I leave mine on the line, in a basket hanging therefrom.

  9. Oh my goodness......Not good, actually. I hope good health descends on all your family!

  10. Oh dear, hope you manage to dodge the nasties.

  11. I would rather sprain my ankle than get a stomach virus. Hope you escape it!

  12. Oh dear, hope everyone recovers soon. We have a study full of Billy bookcases. In our previous house we had some with nice glass doors but it restricts where you can put the shelves. This time we bought several extra shelves but they are beginring to look rather full now and I doubt husband will part with any books!