Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cat in a basket

 Today, some cloud-shaped sticky notes. And another reindeer.

And from us to her, a Santa pen. "I decided not to take it into the office," she said. I can see why. Not terribly grown-up.

Sirius sat in a plastic basket. (Excuse the messy table. I was in the middle of doing things.)

 "Of course I'm comfortable," he said. "What - you don't think it's flattering?"

Grandson came to visit. He was very busy.

"Ah, penguins," he said. "I think I'll just rearrange them."

The plumber also came to visit - or rather, to fit the new basin to replace the one that got cracked when I flicked a towel up at the ceiling to remove a cobweb. I missed. At least, I missed the cobweb. But I hit a glass perfume bottle, which hit the sink. What with having to get an identical basin to the (now discontinued) broken one so that it would to fit the hole in the counter top, and then getting the plumber to spend some considerable time installing it, that little incident cost about £500. Oops. Don't do that at home, readers.

How nice that you're still reading, Anon/Mary/Margaret. [Waves.]


  1. Oops indeed. I remember my mother flicking a tea towel at a fly and breaking the ceiling light......must have been 8YO or so at the time......

  2. I knew there was a reason not to be too houseproud ....
    Though your young cleaner is a dab hand at penguin tidying .

  3. That table is messy? oops better not see my place then....and why do cats sit in any thing??

  4. Love the cat in the basket, but what an expensive flick!

  5. Sirius was doing his best to tidy himself up.

  6. Aren't cats funny? Why do they always try to fit in little boxes? Young Grandson looks like he's having a great time. Has he been around a Christmas tree yet?

  7. I once threw a gardening trowel across the flower bed and hit the glass windows in a wee garden lantern that was hanging on a hook. Didn't cost nearly what yours did, but I was really miffed!

  8. I find having to behave in a grown up sort of way all the time can be just a little bit boring.....hence in the winter weather I'm often to be seen with socks, gloves, scarves or similar with Pooh & co on them
    ( much to my colleagues amusement. Manager's views ? Best leave those unmentioned.....)

  9. That table is not messy, it is the sign that someone creative has been there!

    A cat once broke a washbasin here ( long story) and we ended up with a refurbished downstairs cloakroom because the old basin couldn`t be replaced. A good job done, but not exactly planned.

    Little Grandson will really enjoy Christmas this year!

  10. Sirius is clearly a cat of great character. Cheered me up no end!