Sunday, December 23, 2012


A large chocolate coin - not yet eaten - and another tree on the advent calendar.

 A bookmark for her. So adult.

We played "Articulate".

Here are the offspring (including Volume 2) plus Daughter-in-Law.

Look at those eyelashes.

He didn't think he should wear a hat indoors.

"If you go on playing with your phone," I said to my nephew, "I'll put you in my blog." So he hid it.

Later we got out all my mum's treasures - jewellery and trinkets and my dad's medals and her dad's medals and the box that my granny's father made for her and so on - and the children all chose various mementoes. It was sad but lovely.

Eleven and a half people use a lot of plates and cups in the course of a day.


  1. Oh, I love that magnet! You could buy some of the matching fabric and make her a quilt to go with wishes to you and your family, Isabelle, for a happy, peaceful and hopeful Christmas.

  2. Wait a minute. I want to know how to play Articulate.

  3. How blessed we are to have family to wash up for Isabelle. Happy Christmas x

  4. With all those people around the washing up should be a doddle ! Merry Xmas !

  5. It all sounds perfect .
    (Perhaps , in your house as in ours , every cup of tea involves three mugs , four teaspoons and the nutcrackers ? )