Tuesday, December 18, 2012

In 1967...

From Daughter 2: some indoor sparklers. We'll keep them for Christmas.

And look! A deer which has turned to its left on the Advent calendar.

From us to her: some chocolate snowmen.

It's really difficult to get good photos of Grandson these days. He poses nicely, with dazzling smiles, but only for a second. And my camera phone has a delay so that I think I'm going to get a lovely photo but it turns out to be of the top of his head. Or he's blurred. He fairly whizzes about now.

In person, though, he's unbelievably delicious. Soft and squashy and smiley and enthusiastic.

Three days till Daughter 2 comes home for Christmas. Hooray!

(The cake, by the way, is a rich fruit one with sultanas, raisins, currants, mixed peel, cherries, almonds, eggs, sugar, flour, treacle and spices. Then I cover it with thick marzipan because we all like this except Daughter-in-Law and then ice it. Theoretically it should last for weeks. In practice - sometimes there's some left over by New Year's Day.)

Forty-five years ago today, Mr Life and I were on our first date. Goodness me. That does sound a long time ago.


  1. He is a beautiful boy.

  2. Doesn't the time fly! Grandson is growing up so quickly, wonder how he will like being a Big Brother?

  3. In 1967 something happened which makes me so grateful for my brother and sister, and emotional at every Christmas since.
    My father had died a few months before. (My mother had died 7 years previously). As a 12yr old, I convinced myself that Christmas was not going to happen in our house. I just didn't see how it could.
    Somehow, my 17yr old sister and 20yr old brother gave me Christmas.
    I can still remember unwrapping a clown ornament, a game of Monopoly, and a pencil case in which my brother had placed some money. And books. There was food. And some fun.
    They took care of me, and continued doing so until I reached 18. Love? Duty? Christian kindness?
    I was so, so lucky, in unfortunate circumstances. Christmas brings it all back. Each year, I am 12 years old again, in 1967.

  4. Oh, do a post about your first date! I love those stories! My parents' first date was going to see "Breakfast at Tiffany's". Needless to say, I have the poster and the soundtrack.

    There's a magazine called "Reminisce" (they have a fabulous website) that has photos of people and their stories from the 40s, 50s, and 60s... I sat yesterday and looked at the website for hours! There were couples that got married on radio and tv shows (and were given honeymoons and furniture as prizes), people who met because of spilled milkshakes and all sorts of misadventures... so romantic!

  5. So, if Dec. 18 is the anniv. of the first date, I'm going to assume that a few years elapsed (instead of just 9 days) between the first date and the wedding day LOL. YAY DD2 is coming home! It sounds like the same day my little cherubs are coming home too. I'm not even close to being ready, but I can't wait! (And what a sweet comment from Veg Artist -- brings a tear to the eye!)

  6. Oh, I am so happy for you that your Daughter#2 is going to be home for Christmas! I have yet to see Diana, but she is not far away and for me, that is today's miracle.

  7. Your cake sounds like mine - it's iced and I can't wait to slice it!!

    Aww - it's your firstdativersary!!

    Lesley xx

  8. Oh no - just realised from your
    1967 date that I'm nearly 45 (43 actually)!! How did that happen??

  9. COngratulations on 45 years together!! Love really does conquer.....I think my parents have been together 55 years this years and married 48....

    I hope that you have a lovely Christmas with your daughters home and grandson!

  10. Oh and my brother was born on the 24th December 1967.....a good year.

  11. Oh and my brother was born on the 24th December 1967.....a good year.

  12. Gorgeous grandson! I read that "smiley" as "smelly" first time round, and was remeniscing about that lovely soapy, sort of damp woolley smell that little toddlers have about them....