Thursday, December 06, 2012

Stretching the legs

Today - another reindeer (all so far facing to their right - or to the west, I suppose) and a little photo frame.

For Daughter 2, a chocolate teddy and some festive ribbon. I should perhaps explain that the reason why there aren't two chocolate teddies (or whatever it happens to be) - for her and her husband - is that he is in Somerset, acting in a children's Christmas show. Fortunately she has lots of friends but I wish she wasn't alone in the flat.

The weather was cold and damp today so Grandson and I went to the museum again.

He was very interested in the little trap doors in the floor. He has a touching air of independence in these pictures - if you can look truly independent when you're clutching a toy rabbit in your hand.

How precious these years are, when children strike out confidently, sure that they're safe because someone's behind them, looking after them. (He did turn from time to time to check that I was there.) I do hope life does nothing to dent that confidence. He's such a dear little chap.


  1. CUTE! And, I don't know what you mean: lots of people look perfectly independent when clutching a toy rabbit in one hand. Proper grown ups... D2. xxx

  2. He is so dear. Younger than my grandson who turned 2 in early October. These are the precious years and you are very lucky to be spending so much time with him. I'm lucky, too.

    This museum looks wonderful for children!

  3. Awww, that last paragraph brought a tear to my eye. And apparently I was turned around in your house. Based on the location of your tv, I would have sworn those deer would have been facing east! I shouldn't leave home without a compass.

  4. Wow - he is growing so quickly. He looks quite the little man (rabbt aside).

  5. I was thinking of the deer as if they were on a map, so facing to the normal west position on that. In our house, they're actually facing south-south-east, Anna!