Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today was a day of mixed emotions. Daughter 2 was home for the weekend and we went up to have lunch with Son and Daughter-in-Law and then drove to Crieff to scatter my mother's ashes. When my father died, it was my mum's idea to scatter his ashes under a tree there. We've had so many lovely family holidays at Crieff Hydro. So we climbed a little bit up the Knock, the hill behind the Hydro, and scattered her ashes at the foot of the same tree. (We think.) Then we climbed to the top of the hill.

It was a beautiful day, but cold. There was a foolish bit of me that didn't want to leave her there, especially in the cold - she felt the cold badly - but of course the ashes aren't really her. We looked at the view from the top, as we've done many many times before.

And I wondered, as I so often do, why I live in a city. Well, I know why I do - there are practical reasons. But my heart is in the hills.

There was no wind. It felt as if the weather was being kind to us. Yes, I know. Silly.

 If there had been a wind it would have been exceedingly cold.

Then we descended again - carefully - there was ice on the ground - and sat in the Winter Garden (as we've so often done) to have a drink and a famous Hydro doughnut.

This was the view from our table.

More cheerfully - Daughter 2 has done the Advent presents again!

Day 1 (rotten picture, sorry) - a pop-up Advent calendar with, first, a reindeer.

And this was ours to her.

Best Advent wishes, bloggy friends.


  1. Oh Isabelle you have just made me cry. Such a touching post. Such a beautiful beautiful place. Life, you know is grand really...but you know that don't you...through your children and your lovely grandson.

  2. That is beautiful scenery. I wish we had seen more of your countryside. Maybe next time( I doubt there will be one. )

    Think of your Mum's ashes nourishing that tree. ( giving life again ) That was the part that was worn out. Remembering her often as she still lives on in your hearts and when you see objects and places that she liked, all reminders of her - that's the way to go.....
    The last lot of ashes we scattered, were of a dear 95 year old. I was amazed at how much there was, as it was onto water and it formed a long slick before it dispersed. I think to the wind or on the ground is better.

    How do the glass markers attach to the glasses?

  3. What a beautiful day and such beautiful views even though a sad occasion. Not a foolish thought at all, when the undertakers came to take Mum after she had died in our house, I remember asking them to be careful and not bump her as they went down the tiny steps of the path. And Libby is right, life is grand and goes on in such an amazing way though children and grandchildren. Smiling boy lives not very far away and you get to SEE him often! And Perth and London aren't so far, honest! Drat, now I'm crying!

  4. They have little suckers, Ali Honey.

  5. Your family love and closeness is very touching and admirable. I know how scattering ashes brings completion to the particular cycle of a life and a death.

  6. What a beautiful place to scatter your Mum's ashes, Isabelle. Bittersweet for you, I know,but how wonderful to have your daughter with you. I remember last year's Advent surprises - I wonder what she has in store for you this year!

  7. I loved last year's Advent and am excited to see another year with a month of daily surprises!
    Scattering ashes is a bittersweet event.

  8. Isabelle, what a lovely place for your mum's final rest.....I can see why you love it so much, it's beautiful.

  9. Beautiful place to be scatterted! Some of those landscape shots look like water colour paintings.

  10. Beautiful landscape. I bet your Mum would be happy to know this was her final resting place.

  11. I love that you've scattered your Mum's ashes in a place that has such meaning to your family. And she's with your Dad. And now you can visit them both every year. (This may fit into your "silly I know" realm, but it works.) Your Crieff Hydro is beautiful!