Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lunch with the lad

 We're rich! Chocolate coins and another tree. (Well, we were rich. Until we ate them.)

 A little angel for our little angel.

We went up to have lunch with Son today. He lives north of us - according to Google it's only 31 miles as the crow flies, which surprised me, but since we're not crows it takes about 50 minutes to drive. There's the little matter of an estuary to get over.

However, it was MUCH colder there than in Edinburgh. We went for an icy walk along the river.


Not really that inviting, is it?

It's fairly chilly here too and has been for some days. I keep having to pour boiling water on the bird bath to melt it a bit. For some reason Cassie Cat has taken to going out about 4 in the afternoon and staying out till quite late - it was half past midnight last night and let me tell you, I wouldn't have liked to be outside without my scarf. And this is the cat who, when the heating's not on during the day, curls up into a reproachful ball and complains that she's a bit cold.

Sirius comes in considerably earlier but has once again taken to sleeping overnight on top of his igloo instead of in it. The kitchen, where they sleep, has three outside walls, three windows and two skylights and is the coldest room in the house. Last night, I several times pushed him into the igloo - he spreading his legs in protest - but the moment he was inside he doubled back on himself and came out again.

Now I must go and make a determined search for my Christmas card box, which I definitely saw in the mid-point of the study reorganisation but which has been missing since then. I'm sure it was a green box file. Or possibly a blue one. Or was it yellow? Anyway, it has the cards in it and I need to send them.

PS Found it. It was in a cupboard in the middle of a big stash of Mr Life's paperwork that he's going to sort out after Christmas. He says.


  1. Mr Life11:18 pm

    And do I not do what I say?........ Eventually!!!

  2. Well, okay, could you then nip over to Michigan and help us with ours?

  3. Nice to spend some time with your son! My mother was able to buy an electric cable of some sort for the birdbath so she wouldn't have to go out and pour boiling water in it. This happened after she had a bad fall. Perhaps you could find something similar. It's worth it, I think.

  4. Every year I lose my boxes of Christmas cards. And every year, I buy more. Then I find the older ones and carefully put away the newer ones I hadn't already addressed for the next year.
    Repeat annually.
    I don't know why I think I am organized.

  5. Laughing over the saga with Sirius and his igloo! I took Tiger's igloo to the opshop today. When he was a kitten he would curl up and sleep in there happily, and looked so cute when he peeped out at us, blinking in the light. But as he grew, he stopped going in there, and even when I pushed him in, he would do what Sirius does and turn around and come out!