Friday, December 14, 2012

Words fail

This morning: two felt balls - Christmas decorations - from Daughter 2. And a reindeer on the calendar.

From us to her - chocolate plum puddings.

We went into town today and parked in Heriot Row, where Robert Louis Stevenson grew up. This is his house. Heriot Row is very very expensive. I'm amazed that the owners are allowed to have a scarlet door. I thought that New Town ("new" as in 1800ish) doors all had to be black or white. It looks festively decorated inside, unlike (currently) our house. Tomorrow, however... .

This is a little street of shops which I shall never enter - all designery stuff such as Mulberry and Calvin Klein. Hmm, that lady in red could do with shedding a few pounds. She is not me, I hasten to add.

My husband has just this moment told me of the horrible shooting of little children in America. So I shall stop burbling about Christmas and just say that I'm very very sorry for anyone involved. How absolutely dreadful. Words fail.


  1. So heart goes out to all those families who thought it was just going to be another normal day.

  2. Words fail me too. My adoptive country, what is happening?

  3. we shall never know what motivated such horrific events.

    chocolate plum pudding?? sounds gross and yet tasty at the same time.

  4. Terrible tragedy. I felt so sorry for the killer's brother who was shown on t.v. being led away by the police for questioning. They wanted to ask him if he knew what would motivate his brother to kill their mother, then the school children. He looked quite ill; he was probably in shock.