Wednesday, December 05, 2012

On the fifth day...

 A fourth reindeer rises from the Advent calendar.

 We open parcel number 5 to find two chocolate hedgehogs. They were very nice.

This was what Daughter 2 will have found this morning.

It's been a mildly useful day today. For the first time in living memory I've posted my overseas Christmas cards on the last suggested day (as opposed to some days after that). Hooray me. This afternoon we went up town and did a very minor amount of Christmas shopping - but it's a start. Then this evening I've made the Christmas cakes. Progress. What with that and Zumba, I'm tired.

This is my inelegant but oh-so-cosy jumper, bought for the retired life so that we don't have to have the heating on all day. It's furry inside - a rather more lilac colour than it looks there but fortunately this doesn't show when it's zipped up. It's so thickly furry that it impedes my movements somewhat. It probably makes me look a bit like Grandson. He's walking most of the time now but - especially when packed into his snowsuit - he moves with that rolling, stiff-footed gait that reminds one of a recently disinterred mummy or a slightly inebriated robot. A short and slightly tubby one with a beaming smile.

(Hello, Clarissa, by the way!)

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  1. Warm goes a long way towards happy! Wear whatever it takes to keep from shivering...