Monday, December 17, 2012


Oops. I can't show you what Daughter 2 gave us this morning because I forgot to take a photo of it. Or at least, I thought I had taken one. But my phone camera doesn't seem to agree. Anyway, it's too late because she gave us chocolate reindeer lollipops and we ate them. So this is our little gift to her: a frame with a photo of the offspring and their husbands/wife at Son's wedding.

Instead of chocolate reindeer, then, I give you a photo of something that I found today in Marks and Spencer's vegetarian aisle: creamy Brussels sprouts with bacon lardons and chestnuts. Nearly, M & S, but not quite.

And a picture of my Christmas cake. Every year I think I might make a big effort and do something really artistic. And then I think - nah. Too much else to do, for example getting better at "We Three Kings of Orient Are" before my piano lesson tomorrow. It's quite easy to start off with but becomes more tricky later on. Much like life itself.


  1. Bacon in a vegetarian recipe? Maybe the pig ate only vegetables.
    Your cake looks lovely !I no longer ice mine.

  2. That's a beautiful cake Isabelle -- is it the kind of Christmas cake that you feed? And then, is that frosting? It looks yummy! And maybe if you take "bacon" out of the ingredients and just leave lardons, you could pretend that it's vegetarian!

  3. bacon bacon bacon ... once upon a time i was a vegetarian (loooong ago - in my youth) and people were always trying to sneak meat into whatever i was eating - one friend's grandfather served me a big bowl of baked beans, swearing that it was vegetarian - yeah, dude, except for the bits of crumbled bacon - ha ha ha!!! and it was difficult to eat fast food - i had to order a cheeseburger without the burger because there were no sandwiches on McDonald's menu that didn't have some kind of meat/fish, and a girl shouldn't live on french fries alone ... right?!?

    lovely Christmas cake - it is far more artistic than the cake decorating that i've done, lemmetellya.

  4. How true! Christmas always makes me remember how simple life seemed when I was growing up. Simple in that someone else was in charge of making it happen. I don't like being in charge!!

  5. Your cake looks yummy! Is that how cakes grow in Scotland? Bacon in a vegetarian dish seems odd, what are lardons? They sound like something quite obscene......

  6. I see others have commented on the vegetarian bacon which made me smile......Still, my vegetarian son had a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich today with soy based "bacon".
    This is a charming custom of exchanging Advent gifts? Before Christmas presents? When did it begin? Or did I miss a post about this earlier?

  7. I went back to November 30th and see you were speaking about this....I somehow did miss this post.....Perhaps I will find it mentioned in another year......

  8. Your cake looks more like a cake than their vegetarian dish looks like a vegetarian dish. Be comforted. Happy Christmas. x

  9. Anonymous10:14 pm

    I'd love to know what you'd consider to be REALLY artistic.......your cake looks mighty artful to me ( if there is such a thing as artful.

  10. Anonymous10:11 pm

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