Tuesday, December 11, 2012


The Advent gifts bore a certain resemblance to each other today. Daughter 2's to us, above...
... and ours to her.
We went up town today to do some uninteresting tasks. It was ch-i-ll-y. It was also sunny but the sun is low in the sky at this time of year and doesn't show in this photo.
You can tell that it's cold when our cats cuddle into each other. For those who have difficulty telling them apart, this is Cassie in the front. You can tell by her slightly tufted ears and her misleadingly innocent expression. She also has a red collar, while Sirius's is blue - not that you can see this here.
And of course, this is Sirius giving his sister an affectionate - possibly - little wash.
By the way, Anna and Molly - I got the sewing machine out today and actually USED IT! I hope you're proud of me. I was only putting an extra lining on curtains that have always let in rather too much light, but still - it's a start. The machine behaved itself and didn't - as it has a tendency to do - sew beautifully on the front but gnarl the thread into knots on the back.
That's all I'm doing just now but after Christmas... well, after New Year... who knows?
Daughter 1 is on holiday this week so we aren't looking after Grandson. I'm suffering withdrawal symptoms. I think we need to pay them a visit tomorrow.
PS On the crowded bus into town, a young woman of about 30 got up and gave me her seat. Very kind. Also slightly depressing!


  1. Anonymous8:05 pm

    Gnarly threads on the underneath of your sewing is often due to incorrect threading of the top thread. I had a machine where this would happen if the top thread somehow jumped out of one of the slots. If it happens, simplest solution I found was to rethread the top thread. Also, does the bobbin area need cleaning? Lint can gather there. A cotton bud can get into the nooks and crannies and gather lint.
    (yes I am still reading)

  2. WooHoo! Not only did you get the machine out, but Anon is still reading! It's a banner day all around! That lining sounds like the perfect re-introduction to your machine. I'm sure Molly will agree with me -- I stand ready and waiting to assist in any way necessary. (I'm secretely hoping you'll email TMOTH and tell him you MUST have personal mentoring for a week LOL.) I hope you're on your way to a grandson fix by now!