Monday, December 03, 2012

Dead? Or only sleeping?

Look what happened last night. Snow! Not a lot, granted, and it's melted now, but not what we want, thank you, Weatherman.

The Advent reindeer have been joined by a tree.

Daughter 2's parcel for us contained two big green hooks.

Here is Grandson hooked to the fridge. The photo was taken (advert follows) by my lovely photograper friend, Alan Rennie. He also did the wedding photographs for Daughter 1 and Son (Daughter 2's were done by a friend of her husband) and they were great and he is so nice and very reasonable. He's highly recommended! Alan Rennie Photography. I would give you his website address but I can't because I'm using Mr Life's computer BECAUSE MINE HAS DIED! WAAAAHHH!!! - and I don't know how to get another internet page while I'm doing this.

As you can see even by my rubbish photo of Alan's photo, his photos are better than mine, but here's Grandson having great fun today playing with a travel rug.

I can't show you what our parcel for Daughter 2 contained, because my photo of that is on my computer AND IT'S DIED, as I may have mentioned.

In answer to the commenter who asked about the penguins (sorry I don't know who it is since I haven't read it yet but Mr Life has just told me about it) they came in a packet labelled Tux and the website and seem to come from China via Springfield Illinois. I'm sure Daughter 1, who gave us them, could tell you more. Are you reading this, K?


  1. And it was 72F today here in North Carolina! Where's our cold weather? Stuck in Scotland, it seems.

    I see your refrigerator has been nicely upgraded. Wonderful picture.

  2. I love your photos, your advent posts and hearing from you! :)

  3. Snow! Not as bad as in Russia, though! I have been rejoicing in a cool change after a very unpleasant hot day.
    Is your computer permanently dead or can it be fixed?

  4. Mr Life11:08 am

    The computer is fixed. A loose fuse! I suspect that it was as a result of moving the the computer during the great study re-organisation.

  5. The shop I bought the penguins from was Indish in Crouch End, London - But I've had a look on their website and I don't think they have the penguins up.

    However, I did find them for sale here:

  6. I hope your computer is better soon!

    In that lovely Rennie photo of Grandson, he looks really Scottish!! He is obviously growing up and into his heritage!!

    Lesley xx